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As you may remember from Prime Day, Amazon’s big sales extend to fitness equipment, and sometimes you can snag a big-ticket item that rarely goes on sale otherwise. This week, the Big Spring Sale includes a few items like that—including, notably, the Powerblock Elite adjustable dumbbells.

Powerblock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells are now $299 for a 50-pound pair

Powerblocks are some of the best-loved adjustable dumbbells out there. Instead of fiddling with screw-on collars, you just move a divider to your desired weight, and pick the dumbbell up. The weights you want will be in your hands; the extra plates you don’t need will remain on the stand until you’re ready for them. 

Powerblock’s rectangular weights come in a few series. The Powerblock Elite EXP dumbbells have the most compact shape, and can be configured to weigh from five to 50 pounds per hand. They’re $299 for a pair today, normally $349.99. Want more weight? The 50-70 pound expansion kit is $143.65 today, normally $199.99.

There are more adjustable dumbbells, too

Would you prefer the Powerblock Pro? A pair of those, adjustable from five to 50 pounds each, can be had for $356.98/pair today, down from $419.98. 

Or are you looking for something lighter? Lifepro has a 25-pound set for just $144/pair (normally $199.99).

There’s also a heavier version of the Powerblock Elite available: this set can go up to 90 pounds per hand, and is $686.24 today (normally $827.00).

Some regular dumbbells are about $1/pound

Regular dumbbells are on sale today, too. Don’t ask me why the 40-pound single Signature dumbbell is the only one at a steep discount, but it’s $36.70 (down from $89.99) today.

To fill out the lighter end of the dumbbell rack, this CAP set is an excellent deal today, at $161.49 (normally $189.99) for a 150-pound set. It includes one pair each at five, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds, plus a rack to store them all. 

Get a WalkingPad (or a walking pad) at a discount

“Walking pads” are mini treadmills intended for casual walking while you work or watch TV. The WalkingPad brand has their S1 folding model on sale right now for $399 (normally $499). 

Budget options are on sale, too. This UREVO model is $149.99, down from $199.99. 

Or snag a NordicTrack treadmill for $479

NordicTrack’s T series treadmill is $479 today (normally $599). It goes up to 10 miles per hour (that’s a 6:00 mile) and a 10% incline, making it a great home treadmill option for runners. 

If that’s not quite enough incline for you, there’s also a lightning deal on this BORGUSI treadmill that goes up to 15% incline. It’s $579.99, normally $719.99.

Get an Echelon bike for $239 or a Peloton for $1,250

Echelon’s EX-15 bike is on sale for $239.99 (normally $500). Echelon has a “smart connect” platform that includes video classes for a subscription fee ($39.99/month, with one month free trial included). The EX-15 is the budget option that doesn’t include its own screen; you would pull up the class you want to take on a tablet or phone and prop that up in the dedicated spot on the handlebars. That said, this would be a great bike to use without classes as well.

Peloton bikes are on sale, too. In past years, Peloton sales were rare; now, it seems we can expect a Peloton deal any time Amazon has a big sale. Today, the $1,445 Bike is $1,250, and the normally $2,495 Bike+ (with the swiveling screen and automatic resistance) is now $2,100. Both require a $44/month subscription for access to video classes. 

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