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The 10 Places Where Major Earthquakes Have Been Reported In Last 30 Days 1
Tremors felt across north India on March 21.The earthquake tremors on Tuesday evening caused panic among people across several cities in North India. People in Delhi and adjoining areas, felt strong earthquake tremors, with many people coming to open spaces as a precautionary measure. The National Center for Seismology said that an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter Scale hit 133km SSE of Fayzabad, Afghanistan.The United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides a list of significant earthquakes that happened around the world. Apart from providing data on natural hazards, the organization provides data on many different science topics.Let’s have a look at the last 10 prominent earthquakes felt on earth in the past 30 days.On March 16, a 7-magnitude earthquake, the most powerful in the previous 30 days, hit the Kermadec Islands region of New Zealand. Another 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Kermadec Islands region on March 4.A 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck Tajikistan on February 23.A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador on March 18.A 6.5-magnitude earthquake hits Argentina’s San Antonio de los Cobres on March 22.A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan on March 21.A 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit northern Vanuatu, just off the island of Espiritu Santo, on March 2.On March 1, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 jolted 104 km NW of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea.On March 14, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit 118 km ESE of Madang, Papua New Guinea.An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 struck north of Halmahera island in Indonesia on February 23.

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