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The song, ‘Tamil Thaai Vazhthu,’ is an invocation sung in praise of Mother Tamil. (Representational)Chennai: The Tamil Nadu government today declared the ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu’ song as the state anthem, stating that it would be sung at all public events in educational institutes and government offices.The anthem would be sung at the beginning of all public functions being organised in schools, colleges, universities and government offices, states the order.Except for the differently-abled, everybody will have to stand when it is played or being sung, the Tamil Nadu government said.Chief Minister M K Stalin said a government order to this effect has been issued, mandating that all barring the differently abled persons should remain standing when the 55 second long song is sung.The song, ‘Tamil Thaai Vazhthu,’ is an invocation sung in praise of Mother Tamil.The government directive comes after Madras High Court’s recent observation, in a different case, that ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu’ is only a prayer song. The court had said that there was no executive order requiring the attendees at public events to stand during the song. In its ruling, the court said that ‘Tamil Thaai Vazhthu’ is not a National Anthem and hence, there was no need for every one to remain in standing posture when it is rendered.The issue had grabbed headlines after IIT-Madras did not sing the song during its convocation this year. Tamil Nadu’s higher education minister had written to the institute’s director in this regard.Article 51A(a) of the Constitution mandates it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to respect the National Flag and the National Anthem.

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