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The stunning video has been viewed more than three million times.A stunning time-lapse video of a night sky is going viral on social media. Such videos are not rare, but photographer Eric Brummel has done something unique that has left internet users mesmerised. Instead of the Milky Way galaxy moving across the night sky, it is the Earth that is in motion in the video. Originally created in 2020, the clip is again gaining traction on the internet. This time, it has been posted on Twitter by Buitengebieden and liked by more than 1.5 lakh users.On his Instagram, the photographer said that the video was shot at Crater Lake National Park in the United States. Mr Brummel said the purpose of the video is to “help us visualise the Earth’s rotation”.The photographer created the video by using a star-tracker with his camera. The optical device rotates the camera at the same speed as the Earth, but in the opposite direction. It has the visual effect of stabilising the sky.Twitter users are blown away by the video.”Absolutely stunning.. just absolutely amazing what technology has done to teach us an educate us about a planet we’re destroying…. how could it be so wonderful and ugly at the same time,” commented one user.”Best thing I’ve seen all darn day,” tweeted another.”This is the kinda rare stuff more of us need in our lives…the simplicity and sheer splendor of the night sky in all its glory; a rarely tangible thing to bear witness to within the cities we live. What a brilliant gift to our eyes from this photographer,” a third user said.The video tweeted by Buitengebieden has been viewed 3.2 million times.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayMaharashtra-Karnataka Border Row Leads To Clash At College Fest

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