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Step Up Your Momos Game: 7 Fun And Easy Wrapping Styles 1
Momo is the ultimate street food that has made its way to people’s hearts around the world. Soft momos, dripping with juices is what most of us crave to beat our hunger pangs. While street-bought or restaurant-bought momos taste delicious, homemade momos are even better. From minced chicken, mixed vegetables, cheese and corn, you can add any filling of your choice and satisfy your momo cravings. But before that, you need to learn how to wrap momos, which is a little complex part of making momos. Don’t worry, if you don’t know enough about it. We have listed down different ways you can wrap/style momos at home.Here Are 7 Easy Ways To Wrap Momos:1. Basic WrapTo make the basic style wrap, you need to take momo sheet and add the filling. Now fold the sheet into D shape and then press the edges. Take one side of the momo and join it with the other end, forming a ring like structure in middle.Also Read: Love Momos? Try These 5 Gravy Momos To Fire Up Your Palate2. RoundAt a momo store, you must have seen the little, round, delicious dumplings. They have the appearance of modaks, but they contain finger-licking-good momo filling instead. If you want to make this at home, you will need to add the filling on a sheet and fold the ends, bringing them together at the top. Make sure there are no big gaps between the folds, slowly twist the ends to seal the momo.3. Half MoonHalf-moon is the most popular wrapping style as this is made in almost all momo outlets. Unlike the round momos, this momo is shaped as a half-moon with intricate pattern on the top. This shape is comparatively easier to make then other designs. All you have to do is fold the filled sheet in half leaving some space around the eadges. Then twist the ends of seal with the fork teeth.Most people use this shape to make momos. Photo Credit: istock4. Three Edge StarThis is indeed the simplest wrapping style. You can try this at home by taking a momo sheet and filling in the minced meat or vegetables. Now carefully fold the momo sides into three sections, forming three edges from it, just like the name implies.The three edge star wrapping style Photo Credit: istock5. Tsi TsiAlso called as mouse shaped momo, the tsi tsi momo has an elongated end and is quite thin as compared to other momo shapes. This shape is mostly used for momo soup, popularly known as mothuk. To make this, shape the momo from the top to left to right and wrap it till the ends meet. Now squeeze in the end making it long and pointy.These are best used in mothuk (momo soup) Photo Credit: istock6. Curly WrapEver seen the ends of an apple pie? The beautiful design on the edges is called curly wrap. Similarly, the same design is made for momos by softly turning the ends and giving it the gorgeous curly shape. You will have to put enough pressure from the thumb and then rotate the sheet upward. Do this one by one till the sheet is fully shaped.Also Read: 5 Of The Best Places In Noida That Serve Delicious Momos7. Braided TopThis momo shape is comparatively harder to make than the other shapes. The top of the momo is shaped beautifully into a braid like style by folding both sides closely. Ensure there are no loose ends, to keep the shape of momo intact. From two fingers, press the sides quickly one by one just like you do it for braiding hair.Beautifully braided spinach momos. Photo Credit: istockSurprise your family by making these delicious and beautiful momos at home and become the momo master.

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