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The June sky will be interesting for enthusiastic skywatchersJune is a month of stunning celestial events. Today, we will witness the Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan, and it will be an annular or ‘ring of fire’ eclipse. For enthusiastic skywatchers, here are tips for June. You will find the constellation Scorpius, Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Strawberry Moon in the coming weeks. Here is a NASA video that shows what can be expected in the June sky:June 11: A crescent moon close to Venus can been seen – just use binoculars after sunset.June 12: For all staying in Western Africa, Western Europe, and the Atlantic region, the phenomenon of Double transit shadow on Jupiter will be observed, according to the NASA.You can see the rings of Saturn with a small telescope. Saturn’s rings are inclined at nearly 17 degrees toward Earth in early June, says the

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