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Weight loss is not just an overnight achievement but a journey in itself. Those who are trying to lose weight often face some hard food choices, in terms of what is acceptable to eat and what should be avoided. Instant noodles or maggi is one such much-loved snack that often confuses those on a weight loss diet. Is it okay to indulge in the treat occasionally? Or is a complete no-no for those watching their weight? Recently, a nutritionist explained all this and more in a video on Instagram reels. The video, explaining whether we should have maggi on a weight loss diet, has gone viral garnering millions of views. Take a look:The Instagram Reels video was shared by popular dietitian Simrat Kathuria. Posted on her official handle @simratkathuria, the clip has received over 2.7 million views and 47.8k likes. In the caption, she revealed all about maggi and how it is a popular snack while travelling or even for untimely hunger pangs at home. This humble packet of instant noodles has even been a part of our childhood as well as our adult life. But what about its nutritional content and how it should be made? Kathuria explained all this and more.According to the post by the dietitian, a single serving of maggi contains 205 calories and 9.9 grams of protein. Meanwhile, the carbohydrates or carbs content in maggi is approximately 131. Thus, in terms of its nutritional profile, Kathuria said that it could be consumed even on a weight loss diet. “Maggi has lower calories as compared to other snacks, so you may consume it while on your weight loss journey,” she said.(Also Read: Maggi Pani Puri And More – Food Combinations That Are Making The Internet Cringe)If you are thinking whether maggi can be eaten on weight loss diet, here’s the advice you need. Photo: iStockHowever, the expert warned that despite maggi being a great snack and a popular comfort meal, it wouldn’t be the healthiest snack option. “It doesn’t have any vitamins, dietary fibre, or minerals. It possibly has more chemicals to extend the shelf life and enhance the flavour. It has high fat, carbs and salt content,” she wrote in the post. She further said that we often tend to eat more of the instant noodles than we originally planned to. “Maggi lacks proteins and fibers so it may not be the ideal way to reduce weight,” she said.Thus, to conclude you can eat maggi on a diet but remember that it has negligible nutritional value. As explained by the dietitian, it is better to limit eating it to a maximum of 1-2 times a month and not more than that. Further, you can even make it healthier by adding some vegetables to it and excluding the cheese!What did you think of the dietitian’s tip about eating maggi on a weight loss diet? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a diet plan or want to embark on a weight loss journey, it is best to consult a qualified nutritionist or medical practitioner for advice. Do not make any drastic changes to your diet without talking to a dietitian first!Featured Video Of The DaySookhe Matar Mushroom Recipe | How To Make Sookhe Matar Mushroom

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