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Shocking! Old Bill On Internet Reveals What People Paid For Wheat In 1987 1
We often hear the elders in our family complaining about skyrocketing prices of essential foods, but we don’t always understand what the fuss is about. But now you will. An old bill of wheat purchase dating back to the year 1987 has surfaced online, and it is going to leave you in shock. What do you pay for a 1 kg pack of wheat flour currently? Around INR 60, or maybe around 50, if you get a good discount? This old bill shows wheat being purchased at just INR 1.6 per kg back in the day. Surprised? So are we. See where the bill came from. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan shared a picture of the bill on his Twitter account. He revealed that it was his grandfather’s “J Form” which shows the bill of wheat sold to the Food Corporation of India. “Time when wheat used to be at 1.6 rupees per kg. The wheat crop my grandfather sold in 1987 to Food Corporation of India,” he wrote in the caption.  (Also Read: Huge Bill For Chai Samosa At Mumbai Airport Shocks Twitter)Take a look at the bill shared on Twitter: Time when wheat used to be at 1.6 rupees per kg. The wheat crop my grandfather sold in 1987 to Food Corporation of India.— Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan) January 2, 2023Parveen Kaswan further clarified that the sale receipt is of a farmer’s agricultural produce in the grain market. He shared that his grandfather had a habit of maintaining all his records, which helped Kaswan discover the bill. He wrote in another tweet, “His collection has all documents of crops sold in the last 40 years. One can do a study at home itself.” (Also Read: Zomato CEO Turned “Delivery Boy” On New Year’s Eve; Shared Experience)In less than 24 hours of posting, the tweet has got over 44k likes and several comments. Many people thanked Parveen Kaswan for sharing the bill, some pointed out at the rapid rate of inflation, and some appreciated his grandfather for documenting all important records. Also Read: Hilarious Tweet About Punjabi Take On ‘Cholesterol’ Is Winning The Internet)Here are some interesting Twitter reactions to the post: Thank you sir for posting this. I have read about the J form Today first time. go through for detailed version of J form.— Shubham Gupta Purwar (@2704shubham) January 2, 2023Weight of wheat is the same but Weight of rupee is fallen— bhaskararao.mulpuri (@hitechenggwork) January 3, 20231987 Gold rate was Rs.2,570, so per inflation / gold rate today, wheat would have cost 20X— vikramvi (@vikramvi_) January 2, 2023164 to 2700 today in 35 years..not a good progress in my opinion— Rajender Singh (@learner_raju) January 3, 2023Amazing. The elders back then used to write down all the details of every penny spent. Keep records like this for the crop they sold. So much to learn.— bbrown (@bobbybrown701) January 2, 2023(Also Read: Pune Man Orders Food Worth Rs 28.6 Lakh In 2022: Zomato Shares)Do you have such stories about old food prices told by the elders in your family? Share with our readers in the comments section.   Featured Video Of The DayMurmura Poha Recipes | How To Make Murmura Poha

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