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After surviving through the week, Sunday brings much-needed relaxation. Besides the long naps under the warm blanket, what satisfies the soul is some delicious food. Be it a tub full of ice cream or butter chicken with naan, weekends can get more enjoyable with our favourite dishes. Sunday food bingeing is something that we all deserve and actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra also believes in it. In fact, one can easily browse her Instagram page when out of ideas for Sunday bingeing! Recently, one of her Sunday binges left us craving desserts. Wondering why? Read on to know more.For this Sunday, actress Shilpa Shetty went on a sugary ride exploring a host of desserts and gave us a glimpse of it in an Instagram Reel. She started by sipping a sizable milkshake and then moved to another huge glass of Ferrero Rocher milkshake while enjoying every bit of it.Also read: Shilpa Shetty’s Weekend Meal Features ‘Two Dals’; See PicHer sugary expedition wasn’t limited to just shakes, as the actress also relished some hot chocolate souffle and evidently went into a food coma. Shilpa Shetty then moved to a fancy dessert and showed a couple of cute emoji cakes. The actress just couldn’t keep her hands off the milkshakes and enjoyed more of them in her binge. Cheesy and scrumptious pizzas were also on the menu for the actress who ended her binge with homemade vegan magnum ice cream. “Sugar high because it’s Sunday Binge. The best Pizzas/shakes and dessert place in town”, she captioned the post. Take a look at the full video here:Also read: Shilpa Shetty’s Latest Gastronomic Adventure Is All Things Yummy And ComfortingThe actress’s Sunday binge was enough to trigger anyone’s sugar cravings. So, we have got you a chocolate souffle recipe. This delightful recipe by NDTV Food’s expert chef Niru Gupta is sure to make you drool!Here Is How You Can Make Chocolate Souffle At Home: Ingredients: Chilled cream – 1 ¼ cupMilk – 1 cupCocoa –  3 tbspGelatine – 1 tbspSugar – 1 ¼ cupEggs – 3 (separated)Water – ½ cupMethod:Step – 1: Separate the eggs and put the yolks in a double boiler and the whites into a greaseless bowl.Step – 2: Sprinkle gelatine in ½ cup of water and let it soak.Step – 3: Add sugar to the yolks and beat to form a light and creamy mixture. In a separate container, mix milk and cocoa.Step – 4: Place the double boiler on low flame and add the milk and cocoa mixture and the yolk mixture into it while continuously stirring the mixture. This will be your custard for the souffle.Step – 5: Add the soaked gelatin to the custard and stir it till the mixture gains a coating consistency.Step – 6: Remove the boiler from the flame and let it cool till it is partially set.Step – 7: Beat the egg whites and also the cream to a thick consistency.Step – 8: Mix the cream into the custard and save some for decoration. Maintain a folding motion while mixing the cream and then fold in the egg whites too ensuring that no lumps are left.Step – 9: Pour the whole mixture into a bowl and decorate it with cream before placing it in the refrigerator for setting.Step – 10: For chocolate icing with cream, beat 1 cup chilled cream, 2 tbsp cocoa, and ¼ cup sugar till stiff and serve your chocolate souffle.Featured Video Of The DayCreamy Palak Soup Recipe | How To Make Creamy Palak Soup

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