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Samsung recently announced its two newest A-series phones, the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35. These new devices are the latest in the company’s budget-friendly lineup, and they come with some really enticing features, the most important of which might be the introduction of Samsung’s acclaimed Knox Vault security system. 

This is the first time that the company has brought its flagship security functionality to its more affordable phones, and it signals a huge move to improve user safety and privacy, even on its cheaper devices.

What is Knox Vault?

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Knox Vault is just one part of Samsung Knox, which encompasses all of the features of the company’s multi-layer security platform. Knox Vault, specifically, helps protect users’ data by protecting some of the most critical data on the device, including lock screen credentials like pin codes, passwords, and patterns. 

The vault also protects device encryption keys and helps keep on-device data safe by encrypting it. This means that only the user with the correct lock screen credentials will be able to access the data, helping secure it even if the device is lost or stolen.

Knox also helps protect data that you’ve uploaded to the Samsung cloud by encrypting it with end-to-end encryption. And it allows the usage of passkeys and other important security functionality directly on the device. Some of these features, like end-to-end encryption in Samsung Cloud, were set to arrive in early 2024, so it should kick in soon. 

Because the Knox Vault processor is separated from the standard processor on your device, it’s much more resistant to attacks and exploits that might affect the on-device processor that your phone relies on.

Samsung says that bringing Knox Vault to more than just its flagship devices should help strengthen the program even more, especially as its A-series phones have become some of the most popular budget-friendly Android phones on the market.

Samsung continues to improve on Knox, too, and having more devices to build off of will undoubtedly help the massive tech company come up with new ways to protect its users. If either the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or the Samsung 24 are a bit too pricey for you to justify, but you still want to experience the new features Samsung has to offer, then both the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 can offer a solid and affordable way to take advantage of Samsung’s Android ecosystem, including its top-notch security.

Samsung has yet to reveal official pricing for either of these new budget-friendly devices. However, they’re expected to be in line with pricing seen on the company’s previous affordable models.

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