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Sachin Pilot camp MLAs expressed displeasure over delay in resolving issues raised by their leader.Jaipur: Amid reports of discontentment of former Rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot, the MLAs of his camp have expressed displeasure over the delay in resolving the issues raised by their leader.Around half-a-dozen MLAs close to Mr Pilot met him at his Civil Lines residence in Jaipur on Thursday.Former minister Vishvendra Singh held a one-on-one meeting with the former Union minister earlier in the day. Later, Ved Prakash Solanki, Mukhesh Bhakar and Ramniwas Gawria met Mr Pilot. Rakesh Pareek also reached his residence.Mr Solanki, Mr Bhakar and Mr Gawria raised questions on the delay in the cabinet expansion and political appointments by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. They said they will fight within the Congress party and firmly stand with Mr Pilot.”All of us are raising our voice for the strength of the party. Those who question our allegiance to the Congress are not well-wishers of the party,” Mr Solanki, the MLA from Chaksu (Jaipur), told reporters after meeting Mr Pilot.He said the Congress high-command should listen to Mr Pilot and resolve the issues raised by him.”(Congress leader) Navjot Singh Sidhu was heard in Punjab within 10 days, but even after 10 months in Rajasthan, the issues raised by Pilot have not been resolved. When Sidhu can be heard in Punjab in 10 days, why not Pilot?” Mr Solanki asked.”There has been no discussion or hearings on the demands raised by us,” he said.”I have been saying this repeatedly that governance should be decentralised, and political appointments should be done as soon as possible,” Mr Solanki said.He said if the chief minister does not want to consider those in the Pilot camp, then he should give political appointments to the people on his side.”But at least, the political appointments should be done. Party workers are disappointed and they should be heard,” Mr Solanki said, while asserting that the cabinet expansion should also be carried out.Mr Bhakar said those who worked hard for five years to bring the Congress to power in the state should get their dues.”Our struggle is going on. Pilot is not asking anything for himself but for those workers and leaders who struggled for five years. When disgruntled leaders in Punjab can be heard, then why not Pilot? He struggled for the party and he should be heard,” he said. (This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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