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Repair Skin Damage After Holi With These Easy Detox Drinks 1
Had a fun Holi 2023? We are sure you did. While the memories of the festival are long-lasting, so are its effects on the body and skin. Can you still see the smudges of colours on your face, neck and other body parts? Can you also feel your skin breaking out into acne, rash or redness? Blame it on the chemicals-ridden colours. Now that the festival is behind you, it’s time to bring back your skin to health. Don’t worry, it’s not too difficult and we are here to help you. With just a few simple detox drinks made with everyday ingredients, you can reverse skin damage in no time. Check out these easy recipes below.(Also Read: 9 Ways to Jumpstart Healthy Eating Habits After Festive Binge)Here are 5 Detox Drinks For Post-Holi Skin Repair:1. Bottle gourd juiceHoli 2023: Drink bottle gourd juice to remove toxins from your body. Photo Credit: iStockNutritionist Anju Sood reveals that “Bottle gourd vegetable contains high water content and is rich in vitamin C, K, calcium and zinc.” These nutrients are known to balance oil secretion from skin pores. Bottle gourd juice is perfect to cleanse the system right after Holi and prevent skin issues like pimples. Find the recipe here.2. Cucumber Juice”Cucumber juice is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent and even reduce redness, rashes, blemishes and swelling,” informs nutritionist Shilpa Arora. Also, cucumber offers essential nutrients to improve overall skin health.3. Ginger Lemon TeaHoli 2023: You can always rely on ginger and lemon to help you stay healthy.Lemon is known to flush out toxins from the body along with facilitating digestion, which also reflects on the skin. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants which promote blood circulation, helping clear skin and making it glow. Click here for the recipe.4. Coconut Water With Lemon And MintCoconut water is super hydrating, and ample hydration is important for skin health. Vitamins A, K and C present in coconut water promote collagen production too. Collagen is majorly responsible for keeping skin youthful and supple. Mixed with skin-friendly lemon and mint leaves, this drink is good news for your body and skin. Click here to know how you can make it.5. Watermelon JuiceVitamin A is just what you need after Holi to repair skin cells. And watermelon juice can be the best way to get it. Fruit juice also fuels our body with vitamin C, which prompts it to develop collagen for healthy skin. And let’s not forget how refreshing this seasonal drink is.Start with your skin detox journey today!(Also Read: Can Fruit Juice Harm Your Health? Avoid It In These 5 Instances)Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.Featured Video Of The DayBread Pizza Recipe | How To Make Bread Pizza

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