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The men went to Tamu in the neighbouring Myanmar to visit their friends, say sources.Guwahati: A day after two men from Manipur’s border town of Moreh were allegedly shot dead in Myanmar, authorities have imposed prohibitory orders in the town. District authorities have tightened security and barred the gatherings of over four people in Manipur’s Moreh.P Mohon, 28, and Aiyanaar, 35, who were auto drivers in Moreh, were shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Myanmar’s Tamu, a town around two kilometres from the international border, on Tuesday. Moreh residents claim that the two had gone to Myanmar’s Tamu to attend the birthday party of a friend.Sources say that the men were shot dead by Pyu Shaw Htee, a militia formed by the Myanmar military, around 1 pm in the neighbouring country’s Tamu town.Moreh town is home to a large number of Tamils who are descendants of families that were forced to leave Myanmar during a political upheaval decades ago. They are engaged mainly in small businesses.A large number of protesters from Moreh went a few metres inside Myanmar yesterday and set the sentry post of the army afire over the “failure” of the administration there to hand over the bodies of the two men.The Manipur government has requested the Centre to open up communication channels with Myanmar to recover the bodies.

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