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Doorbell footage shows how her quick thinking managed to save the poochA woman in the UK with lightning reflexes and situational awareness managed to save her dog who jumped out of a window. In a now viral video, Rachel Green can be seen receiving a parcel outside her house before she looks up and starts screaming to “get back”. She then moves towards the building and manages to catch her dog who free falls from her apartment window. The doorbell footage shows how her quick thinking managed to save the pooch.Sound on. Woman saves dog after it jumped out of a window. The dude’s reaction (or lack thereof) is just as interesting and so very British (“bloody hell”).— Zen Sammich, J.D. (@ZenSammich) May 10, 2022Speaking to LadBible, owner Rachel Green talked about how the pandemic along with the lockdown had contributed to her pet feeling more clingy than usual. She said “”She’s never done that before and she’s six, so it was a bit of a shock. She’s always been an independent dog but I guess she’s become clingy since the pandemic/WFH and always wants to be by my side. I just didn’t realise how far she’d go to do that…The windows were shut but she managed to push one wide open, I only noticed she was there because the sun’s reflection on the window/wall moved and caught my eye when it opened.”The video has been viral on social media, with it being posted on social media site Reddit’s “Made Me Smile” forum. The post has garnered a lot of engagement with over 52,000 upvotes and 960 comments.Many studies have shown that during the pandemic pets have become more attached to their owners as they have gotten more used to them being at home. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has advised owners to lower interactions with their pets when they are in the house, to help them get more independent.Click for more trending news

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