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Pakistani Couple Get Tattoos Of WhatsApp Messages They Sent To Each Other, Internet Calls It "Wholesome" 1
The post was shared by The Affan on Twitter.A couple from Islamabad, Pakistan shared on Twitter that they got tattoos of the WhatsApp messages they sent to each other in the initial days of their relationships. The post is winning hearts on the internet.The post was shared by The Affan on Twitter. It features a screenshot of the message and a photo of the tattoos that the couple got on their forearms. A message reads, “We’ve only been talking properly since a few days but I feel all close to you! And I really can’t wait to hug you!”, the man responded, “As easy as breathing.”The man got a tattoo that says, “This feels so easy…” while his wife’s tattoo said, “…as easy as breathing”. The caption of the tweet reads, “How it started: How it is going.”Check out the tweet here:How it started: How it is going:— THE Affan (@Affanarchist) February 24, 2023In a separate tweet, the man gave the credit for getting a tattoo as his wife’s idea. “BTW…. the tattoo was @Seirut’s idea. Mine were cliche teen lover boy ideas. I’m too ashamed to even mention them here.””This blew up the most in the few hours I slept… Thankyou to all the well-wishers. And to all the ones asking “what if you break up?” Try to live in the moment, you might find something worthwhile and not self-sabotage it with negative thoughts,” the man wrote.He also shared that the couple has been married for almost three years now.The internet loved the tattoos and soon the post went viral. A user commented, “Aww, this is so cute and wholesome.”Another user commented, “love love this!”The third user commented, “Wish you happy togetherness and lots of love…”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayManish Sisodia Challenges Arrest, CBI’s Probe In Supreme Court

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