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If overeating was an offence, we would all be guilty as charged! Whether it is during festive seasons, weddings or family get-togethers, we have all eaten more than necessary at some point in our lives. We start off with snacks, go onto the main course and by the time we reach desserts – we are truly bursting at the seams. If you have been bingeing endlessly on food and want to improve your digestion, we have just what you need. These diet tips will truly prove helpful after your food binge session. There is no need to worry about bloating or indigestion or feel guilty, simply keep these foods and tips handy and keep digestive issues at bay!Here’s How You Can Improve Digestion And Avoid Bloating In Spite Of Overeating:1. Drink Warm WaterIf you have been hogging on food incessantly, warm water can prove to be your best friend. “You can drink warm water immediately after a heavy meal. Have lots of water,” suggests consultant nutritionist Rupali Dutta. Hot water, especially, can prove useful in the process of digestion as it helps eliminate toxins more effectively. So, drink up even if you feel full!2. Herbal Tea And SpicesThere are certain herbs and spices that may help speed up digestion after a binge session. “Spices like ajwain and jeera can help with digestion,” explained nutritionist Rupali Dutta. You can simply boil the necessary spice with a glass of water and drink up after a heavy meal. Herbal teas such as green tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea, could also prove useful to boost digestion.Click here for some herbal tea recipes that may remedy bloating and gas.(Also Read: 5 Ways To Avoid Over-Eating At Night)Herbal tea or spiced water can prove to be effective in boosting digestion. Photo: iStock3. Keep Next Meal LightOvereating means your digestive system is overworked. So, try to keep the subsequent meals light so as to avoid gastric issues. “Give your system a rest the next day. The next meal should obviously be a lighter meal. You could have a soup with toast, or just some fruits and vegetables,” suggested Dutta. Macrobiotic health coach Shilpa Arora also agreed, “Have veggies broth or chicken broth for dinner to boost digestion and improve gut health.”4. Load Up On FibreFibre is a wonderful ingredient that can support bowel movement and help maintain healthy digestion. The more fibre you add to your diet post-overeating, the better you’ll fare in terms of keeping digestive issues at bay. “Concentrate on fruit, and vegetables, and build your digestion back from there,” said Dutta.Click here for some fibre-rich foods. (Also Read: Healthy Diet Tips: 3 Nutritionist-Approved Tips To Detox After Binge-Eating)Stock up on fibre to boost digestion and keep issues at bay. Photo: iStock5. Take A Walk, Sit UprightWe often underestimate the importance of exercise, especially walking, in our daily routine. A quick 15-20 minute walk could work wonders in improving your digestion after a heavy meal. Heavy exercise is definitely not recommended after a heavy meal, but a light walking session should definitely be tried. Also, make sure that you don’t lie down immediately after overeating as this could hamper digestion and cause discomfort.6. Fermented FoodsMaintaining a healthy gut can go a long way in keeping digestion in top shape. Be it the humble curd or even other fermented foods like kanji, these are highly recommended to be consumed especially after a heavy meal. If you have overeaten in one meal, try to incorporate dahi in the next one. “Add fermented veggies to your diet such as kimchi salad. You can also have fermented drinks like kombucha. Avoid milk to prevent bloating,” says health coach Shilpa Arora.So, next time you overeat accidentally, fret not and just try these simple diet tips to maintain a healthy body and a fitter you!Featured Video Of The DaySweet Potato Cutlet Recipe | How To Make Sweet Potato Cutlet

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