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On Camera, Massive Bull Charges, Rams 4-Year-Old In UP 1
The municipal corporation swung into action after the incident.Aligarh: A stray bull rammed a four-year-old leaving the child critically injured in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh.The bull charged at the child from behind, who is standing alone in the street as seen in a CCTV footage that is going viral on the internet. The stray animal trampled the kid after hitting the four-year-old with its horns.The kid was later rescued by a man who was accompanying the four-year-old. The shocking incident happened minutes after the man left the child alone on the street and went inside a plot.The municipal corporation swung into action after the incident, and efforts were made to catch the stray bull which created fear among the residents of the area.In another video, a team of 4-5 men from the local municipal body is seen pushing the stray bull in a truck. Two people try to pull the bull inside the truck with a rope, and two men are pushing the cattle on a ramp with a stick.

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