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Be it the refreshing papdi chaat or the very delectable raj kachori, there is something about street foods that we all relate to it. The diverse textures when paired with interesting flavours, is unique and delicious. Don’t know about you but chaat truly occupies a special place in the hearts of many foodies, across the country. And, Kajol is one of them. Her favourite dish? Palak Chaat. Kajol relished a platter of “palak chaat… in the green” and shared a snap of the same on her Instagram Stories. While we cannot predict the inner layers and ingredients of the palak chaat, it is safe to say the toppings were regular curd, chutneys, sev and pomegranate. Here, take a look: Here, we have handpicked recipes for some popular versions of chaat. Did your favourite make it to our list? Check it out:Here’re 5 Popular Chaat Recipes To Try:1. Palak Patta Chaat Prepare a batter using besan, ajwain, salt, and turmeric. Coat the spinach leaves with it and deep fry. Finish off with some curd, chutneys, and your favourite masalas. Recipe here. 2. Raj Kachori One of the most delicious chaat options to ever exist is Raj kachori. Agree? It is loaded with bhallas, yoghurt, chickpeas, spices, sev and whatnot. Tap here for the full recipe. 3. Papdi Chaat Nothing beats the crunch of freshly made papdis. And, when topped with yoghurt, coriander and tamarind chutney – it’s absolutely delicious. Save this recipe, which is coming straight from the streets of Old Delhi.4. Rasgulla Chaat Confused? Don’t worry, it is not one of those viral food connotations. Squeeze out the sugar syrup of rasgullas, and drizzle yoghurt, tamarind sauce, mint and coriander chutney on top. Add the spices and dig in. Recipe inside.5. Dahi Chana Chaat Add onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and green chillies into a bowl of boiled chanas. Throw in spices and other assortments, give it a mix and your chana chaat is ready in no time. Get the recipe here. Which one is your favourite? Let us know. Featured Video Of The DayPaneer Masala Fry Recipe | How To Make Paneer Masala Fry

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