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Old Video Shows Scary Sinkhole In Kenya Swallowing Everything In Its Path 1
The sinkhole formed in Kericho, a town in the highlands west of the Kenyan Rift ValleyAn old video of a tiny sinkhole swallowing everything in its path has resurfaced on social media, leaving people in disbelief. The sinkhole initially drew in water from a large puddle before it began eating up everything in its path. From then on, it began to rapidly swallow bales of long grass and huge chunks of land.The 37-second clip was posted by the Twitter handle @weirdterrifying, with a caption that reads, ”Somewhere in Kenya.”Watch the video here:Somewhere in Kenya— Weird and Terrifying (@weirdterrifying) December 31, 2022Since being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered more than 90 lakh views, around 14,000 retweets, and 88,000 likes. One user commented on the video and wrote, ”Yeah, I think that was an episode of Stranger Things.” Another commented, ”This is what they call a sinkhole. Unpublished geographers deemed this to be an unbelievable phenomenon of plants rebelling against humanity’s deeds against them. The pesticides etc they’re regrouping so watch out for the plantageddon that’s coming your way.”A third wrote, ”Imagine standing directly above a bottomless pit, and filming in awe as it swallows everything around it at an increasing pace, and not recognizing the danger below your feet. Another joked saying, ”Mother Earth is making a smoothie.”According to a Yahoo News report, the sinkhole formed in Kericho, a town in the highlands west of the Kenyan Rift Valley. The region where this fascinating natural phenomenon occurred is part of the East African Great Rift Valley, which is in the process of splitting the African plate into two separate plates. Owing to the fact that it is an active tectonic zone, it features various cracks, holes, and underground voids. After a spell of heavy rains, the overlying soil was eroded exposing the cracks and underground voids. This caused the runoff water to sip through the openings to fill up the spaces.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayMassive Protests By Locals After Delhi Woman Dragged By Car Dies

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