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The video has amassed over 2 lakh views on Twitter.Already looking forward to the weekend? Well, we have something to cheer you up. An old video of a puppy imitating a bunny has resurfaced on Twitter. Posted by Fascinating, the video is loaded with cuteness.”A puppy that thinks he’s a bunny,” read the caption of the video. The video captures a bunny hopping in front of a puppy. After a few seconds, the puppy starts imitating the bunny.Watch the video here:A puppy that thinks he’s a— Fascinating (@fasc1nate) December 28, 2022The video was shared on posted this morning and so far it has amassed over 2 lakh views on Twitter. A user wrote, “This is an example that we are what we are taught.””This made me smile,” the second user wrote.”Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Wonder if the bunny appreciates it,” the third user wrote.”Hey, my kid thinks our puppy is a bunny. She named him Fo0f. Foof is the term for a baby Delmarian bunny. I don’t think she “named him” she just thinks he is a Foof. It’s more of a statement. She basically named him “bunny” and thinks he’s her bunny,” the fourth user wrote.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayViral Video: A UP Cop Was Asked To Load Gun. How He Failed

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