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Kavita had murdered her husband after a fight on November 29, police say. (Representational image).New Delhi: A 13-year-old girl’s statement to police on the death of her father led to the arrest of her mother, who had reported the case as suicide, in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, the police said today. A man with whom she was allegedly in a relationship was also arrested for allegedly having a role in the crime.Kavita, who worked as a nurse, had allegedly murdered her husband after a fight on November 29. She then took his body to the hospital where she worked and told the doctors that her husband had hanged himself from a fan, using a blanket.The hospital followed the procedure and informed the police.A post-mortem was conducted on the body, which revealed choking marks around the neck, leading to suspicion among the cops.The police found out about Kavitha’s role when they questioned her daughter. The 13-year-old told police that she had witnessed Kavita pressing down on her father’s mouth through a window.Based on the information, Kavita was questioned and arrested.Kavita allegedly told police that her husband, Mahesh, used to beat her regularly after getting drunk. “After one such fight on November 29, the woman killed her husband in his sleep. She then took the body to the hospital where she worked and reported his death as suicide,” the police said.”Kavita works as a nurse in a hospital. She had a relationship with Vinay Sharma, who works in the insurance department of the hospital chain. Police have received WhatsApp chats and recordings which prove that Vinay had Kavita in the murder,” a police official added.Featured Video Of The DayDone With Red Sea Film Festival, Shah Rukh Khan Returns To Mumbai

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