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Stocking a kitchen with the appropriate tools and appliances doesn’t happen overnight. There are always one or two things on my I’ll get it later-list, and by the time “later” rolls around, I need to replace something else. If you’ve been meaning to someday get around to stocking your kitchen with a few tools and appliances, Amazon’s ongoing spring sale is a good chance to grab a few essentials for a lower price.

ThermoPro probe meat thermometer

This is one of those gadgets that will absolutely change your cooking. Put an end to the days where you’re cooking steak and prodding at the thumb muscle of your palm, or cutting into chicken to see if it’s pink or not.

ThermoPro is a reliable food industry brand and this instant-read probe thermometer will take the guess-work out of cooking—from candy making to grilling.

Cuisinart waffle iron 

Waffle irons aren’t just for making waffles. I like to think of “waffle” as a verb. You can use a waffle iron to waffle a universe of foods that have never before had any business being inside one. Waffle instant mashed potatoes, croissants, cheese, a whole sandwich, or even birthday cake batter. The food writers here at Lifehacker have a long history of adoring this humble machine, so once you buy this affordable one from Cuisinart you can feel confident that we’ll always have unusual recipes for you to try.


Dishers, sometimes called ice cream scoops, are one of my favorite low-tech kitchen tools. I identify dishers differently from classic ice cream scoops because they have a little release trigger that helps scoop out the material inside. Like the waffle iron, these rounded scoops are much more than they seem. Dishers are excellent portioning tools, they’re easy to use, and most of all, they can keep your cooking process tidy. I have a set of three sizes, similar to this one on sale, and I use them for things like scooping cookie dough, ice cream, meatballs, or dolloping ricotta along a casserole dish before I flatten it out. 

KitchenAid Digital Scale

You don’t have to bake bread every week to benefit from a kitchen scale (but it’ll definitely help you with that). A simple digital kitchen scale will help you reproduce recipes perfectly every time, and can be a valuable tool for strict diets. It can also give you insight if you’ve never really weighed your ingredients before (two ounces of dry pasta is disappointingly meager). Furthermore, using the tare feature on a scale allows you to easily measure multiple ingredients into one bowl. This scale from KitchenAid offers two platforms, one for larger measurements and one for precise measurements (think: grams of salt).

Nesting mixing bowls

I don’t need to go on about what mixing bowls do, they’re self-explanatory, but I will go on about the importance of having multiple mixing bowls of various sizes. Sometimes you need a huge one for all the large cuts of veggies going into your stew, and other times you need two small ones for measuring out chopped nuts and chocolate chips. I like these Wildone mixing bowls because they’re stainless steel with non-slip bottoms, but most of all because each size comes with a tight-fitting lid. 

Cuisinart air fryer

Every kitchen, from a dorm to a palace, can use an air fryer. (I haven’t been in a palace kitchen, but I bet they have air fryers.) These tabletop electronic convection ovens are safe, easy to use, and make quick work of innumerable items, from cheesecake to roasted peppers. This highly rated air fryer from Cuisinart offers multi-rack cooking and is big enough to bake a 12-inch pizza.

Philips automatic espresso machine 

Technically this is more of a splurge, but it’s also essential because that’s how I feel about coffee. Consider finally taking the leap and getting this fully automatic espresso machine from Philips. It grinds, it brews, it froths, it apparently makes “perfect coffee for your mood” (at least someone understands me). With its extensive capabilities, this machine has no problem making your doppio cappuccino and quickly pivoting to make your partner’s iced coffee.

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