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S.F.C. is a consultant for and holds equity interest in Imago Biosciences. J.G.D. consults for Microsoft Research, Servier, Abata Therapeutics, Maze Therapeutics, BioNTech and Pfizer; consults for and has equity in Tango Therapeutics; and receives support via the Functional Genomics Consortium (Merck, AbbVie, Janssen, Vir and Bristol Meyers Squibb). R.L.L. is on the supervisory board of Qiagen and is a scientific advisor to Loxo, Imago, C4 Therapeutics and Isoplexis; receives research support from and consulted for Celgene and Roche; receives research support from Prelude Therapeutics; has consulted for Novartis and Gilead; and has received honoraria from Lilly and Amgen for invited lectures. E.M.S. receives research support to his institution from Agios, Amgen, Astellas, Bayer, Biotheryx, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eisai Foghorn, Servier, Syndax, Syros; receives consulting fees from Novartis, PinotBio, Janssen, Bristol Myers Squibb, Agios, Jazz, Menarini, Genentech, Genesis, AbbVie, Neoleukin, Gilead, Syndax, OnCusp, CTI Biopharma, Foghorn, Servier, Calithera, Daiichi, Aptose, Syros, Astellas, Ono Pharma, Blueprint, Kura, Epizyme and Cellectis; and also holds equity interest in Auron Therapeutics. S.A.A. has been a consultant and/or shareholder for Vitae/Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Neomorph, Inc., Imago Biosciences, Cyteir Therapeutics, C4 Therapeutics and Accent Therapeutics; and has received research support from Janssen and Syndax. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center holds a patent (WO/2017/132398A1) covering menin inhibition in NPM1-mutant AML that lists S.A.A. as an inventor. J.D.C. is a current member of the scientific advisory boards of OpenEye Scientific Software, Interline Therapeutics and Redesign Science. The Chodera laboratory receives or has received funding from the NIH, the National Science Foundation, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Relay Therapeutics, Entasis Therapeutics, Silicon Therapeutics, EMD Serono (Merck KGaA), AstraZeneca, Vir Biotechnology, XtalPi, Interline Therapeutics, the Molecular Sciences Software Institute, the Starr Cancer Consortium, the Open Force Field Consortium, Cycle for Survival, a Louis V. Gerstner Young Investigator Award and the Sloan Kettering Institute. A complete funding history for the Chodera laboratory can be found at W.X. has received research support from Stemline Therapeutics. The spouse of A.J.S. is an employee of Bristol Myers Squibb. E.S.F. is a founder, member of the scientific advisory board and equity holder of Civetta Therapeutics, Jengu Therapeutics, Proximity Therapeutics, Neomorph Inc. (board member), Avilar Therapeutics and Photys Therapeutics; and a consultant to Astellas, Sanofi, Novartis, Deerfield and EcoR1 capital. The Fischer laboratory receives or has received research funding from Novartis, Deerfield, Ajax, Interline and Astellas. R.M.S. has received advisory or consulting fees from AbbVie, Actinium, Agios, Arog, Astellas, Biolinerx, Celgene, Daiichi Sankyo, Elevate, Gemoab, Janssen, Jazz, Macrogenics, Novartis, OncoNova, Syndax, Syntrix, Syros, Takeda, Trovagene, BergenBio, Foghorn Therapeutics, GSK, Aprea, Innate, Amgen, CTI Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb and Boston Pharmaceuticals. The remaining authors declare no competing interests.

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