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DALLAS—Refusing to assign blame before all the facts were in, local rap fan Cole Franklin confirmed Friday that he was withholding judgment on who was at fault in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion until he had heard the gun’s side of the story. “Everyone’s always so quick to blame the gun, but for all we know, Megan did something to provoke that semiautomatic firearm,” said Franklin, who added that the gun had been silent since the alleged incident and that a full investigation would need to be conducted before he made up his mind about whether the weapon was complicit in a felony assault of the artist with the current No. 1 single in the nation. “The gun is already in police custody. What more do you want? If these allegations turn out to be false, the court of public opinion will have ruined the future of a perfectly good gun. That’s not right.” Franklin went on to admonish Megan Thee Stallion for snitching on the gun during her Instagram Live stream.


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