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Man Uses Trigonometry To Guess Woman's Height, Internet Says "This Is Pure Gold" 1
Ms Pandey’s tweet has accumulated more than 724,000 views and over 6,600 likes.Many of us often complain that the lessons we learnt back in school, especially advanced mathematics, are not useful in day-to-day life. However, a Twitter user has now proved otherwise as he took the help of trigonometry for calculating a woman’s height. It all started when a Twitter user, Pallavi Pandey, uploaded a photo of herself on the micro-blogging website, asking users to guess her height. Within hours it prompted a series of responses from people, including this man who used trigonometry to solve the problem. Ms Pandey shared an image on her handle on Monday. The picture showed her dressed in an all-black attire standing in front of a flight of stairs. Alongside the image, Ms Pandey wrote, “Guess my height!” Take a look below: guess my height!— Pallavi Pandey (@pallavipandeyy) February 27, 2023Mr Pandey’s tweet instantly took the internet by storm. In the comment section, while several users played the guessing game, one user, who goes by Mr Nobody, stepped up and used trigonometry to guess the woman’s height. “Looks like 5′ 4.5″. But now I am curious,” the user wrote. He also shared an image to show his calculations. Looks like 5′ 4.5″But now I am curious.— Mr. Nobody (@mister_nobody__) February 27, 2023Ms Pandey was utterly surprised by the user’s effort. She replied to his tweet too and shared that she is taller than the height he calculated but also praised him for his attempt. “Hats off to you, man for efforts, but I’m way taller, but wow!!!” she wrote. “Dude put an end to ‘another day of not using trigonometry after class 10 in real life,” she jokingly added.Also Read | UK Woman Finds 100-Year-Old Dairy Milk Wrapper While Renovating HouseMeanwhile, several people online also lauded the man for his efforts that reminded the world that the lessons we learn back in school do come to use in real life. “A befitting reply to all those who say that trigonometry is not useful. Will revise the values again,” wrote one user.”Bro never thought that trigonometry would make him this famous,” said another. “This is pure gold! Solid stuff!!” commented third. Since being shared, Ms Pandey’s tweet has accumulated more than 724,000 views and over 6,600 likes. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayKarnataka BJP MLA’s Bureaucrat Son Caught Taking Rs. 40 Lakh Bribe

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