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Malaika Arora Had The Perfect Homemade Meal To Kick-Start Summer 1
The world knows that healthy eating is one of the best choices to make. But how many of you still follow this? We know that it takes a lot of motivation, mental strength and willpower to include healthy meals in our day-to-day life. But you’ve got to start from somewhere, right? As of now, we have a healthy food update coming straight from fitness expert Malaika Arora. The actress is a strong advocate of healthy eating. More often than not, her food diaries showcase home-cooked comfort foods. Her latest meal is all things healthy, as she devoured a drool-worthy watermelon feta salad.Also Read: Malaika Arora’s Homemade Desi Chinese Food Is Giving Us CravingsNow that we are heading toward the summer season, it’s a great time to enjoy watermelon. Malaika’s bowl of salad featured chunks of bright red watermelon, sliced cucumber, pomegranate seeds and a whole lot of greens. Don’t miss the start ingredient – feta cheese. Along with the picture, Malaika added the hashtag “Homemade.”Also Read: Inside Malaika Arora’s South Indian Spree With Murukku, Avial And MoreThis is not the first time Malaika Arora indulged in a home cooked delight. Her mouth-watering food diaries are replete with desi food items. This latest post about homemade salad has triggered our thoughts about her other indulgences. Are you willing to revisit some of her previous food posts? Take a look. Bonus? Recipes. 5 Dishes With Recipes That Malaika Arora Loves:1) Masala khichdiNow, if this is not a true definition of comfort food, we don’t know what is. “Masala khichdi for the soul,” this is what Malaika had to say about her oh-so-desi indulgence. Oh, she also devoured delicious Tiramisu. Find out the recipe for masala vegetable khichdi here.2) Sattu paratha and aloo sabjiFor Malaika Arora, the formula for happiness is “sattu paratha + dahi (curd) + garlic pickle + aloo sabji + salad.” One of her culinary adventures included a scrumptious platter with home cooked delicacies served on it. There was sattu paratha, aloo curry, aloo pickle and some curd in a bowl. If you want to try sattu paratha for yourself, here’s the recipe.  3) Varan bhaatWe have seen Malaika Arora gushing over Maharashtrian-style meals as well. Her favourite? Lip-smacking varan bhaat, aloo and lonche. For the unversed, varan is dal, bhaat means rice and lonche is basically, a tangy pickle made with raw mango. Forvaran bhaat recipe, click here.4) BiryaniIs there anyone who doesn’t like biryani? We think not. And, for Malaika, biryani is “love” as declared in one of her Instagram Stories. She shared a picture of her dinner table that showed the delicacy. If you want to try out yummy biryani at home, refer to the recipe here.5) Gajar ka halwaWondering if Malaika likes desserts? She surely does, especially, when it’s a popular desi home-cooked delight. During winter, Malaika gulped down tasty gajar ka halwa. Get the recipe here.  Can you relate to Malaika Arora’s foodie side?    Featured Video Of The DayBread Pizza Recipe | How To Make Bread Pizza

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