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Please don’t disturb Gauahar Khan and there’s good reason why. The actress is super busy with her culinary adventures and just a quick look at her Instagram timeline is proof. You will know what are we talking about. Hope you saw her lunchtime post too! She shared a photo of her protein-rich meal on Instagram Stories. The snap showcased a bowl with four slices of bread and four boiled eggs, sitting on what seemed to be a tangy green-coloured gravy. The eggs were topped with salt, pepper, and some herbs. “Lunch with self,” Gauahar Khan captioned the post. Take a look at Gauahar Khan’s lunch:But, it looks like Gauahar Khan was not by herself for too long. The next upload, on her Instagram Stories, featured her dear husband Zaid Darbar. We can also spot a platter of what looked like a sweet dish. “Wasn’t by myself for too long,” the actress wrote. Coming back to Gauahar Khan’s “lunch with self” meal, it looked every bit appetising. Any egg dish with a couple of slices of brown bread makes for an easy yet delicious lunch. Right? So here are some egg recipes you can try for your lunch:1. Egg Masala Enhance the simple boiled eggs with a homemade spicy paste and a crackling tempering. This is a quick and super easy egg recipe. Save it right now. Recipe is here. 2. Tomato Egg Curry Add a tang of tomatoes and mild spices to your boring eggs. Simmer and cook the boiled eggs in a flavourful tomato gravy and finish off with seasoning. Click here for the full recipe. Recipe here. 3. Egg Bhurji Here, you have to just make scrambled eggs but the Indian way. Eggs along with desi masalas and butter is a go-to dish of all eggetarians as it is easy and quick to make. Full recipe here. 4. Omelette Curry Tired of regular egg dishes? Give a spicy yet delicious spin to the usual omelette with this tomato-based curry. First, make an omelette and cut it into pieces. Now, throw them in the gravy. Yum! Don’t waste time, get the recipe here. 5. Egg Biryani We just can’t ignore this amazing dish. Can we? A wholesome bowl of egg biryani is all we need to lift our mood. Yes, it will take a bit of time but it is worth a try. Tap here for the full recipe.  Are we ready to relish some eggs for lunch? Tell us in the comments!Featured Video Of The DayGajar Matar Khichdi Recipe | How To Make Gajar Matar Khichdi

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