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Lion As Boss To Cat As Intern, Artist Shares How AI Perceives Corporate Roles 1
The AI-generated images have accumulated more than 18,000 reactions and over 1,700 reposts.Images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been making waves recently, and now one artist has used this technology to show how AI perceives corporate roles. In the now-viral pictures, instead of humans, the faces of animals have been put, so that one can easily understand which animal to associate with at a workplace. The pictures were shared on LinkedIn by a user named Alvin Foo. “This is how #AI perceives corporate roles,” the user wrote in the caption of the post. Each picture had text written on it which described the type of employee in an AI office. While one of the images showed a “CEO” lion wearing a business suit in an office, another showed a brown bear in a sweatshirt heading the creative team. The artist depicted an alligator to be the finance manager and an intern to be a cute cat. Further, according to the post, a ‘person’ working in the supply chain department has been depicted as a donkey and a salesperson has been shown as a red fox. A Chief Operating Officer (COO) is depicted as a wild wolf, while an IT person as a wasp.According to a watermark on the images, graphic designer Jafar Badran is behind this creation. The images have taken the internet by storm and have been shared on a number of social media platforms. On LinkedIn, the AI-generated images have accumulated more than 18,000 reactions and over 1,700 reposts.In the comment section, one user wrote, “Hahaha, it is incredible how people complains about the monkey for HR, when it is for sure the most intelligent animal among others in the pictures. I am jealous, I want to be the monkey.” Another explained, “CEO = Lion: because they are kings. HR = Chimps because they are the closest animals to humans. SupplyChain = Donkey: Donkeys act as mules for carrying cargo in the old times. COO = Wolves: They know how to work in teams? Im not so sure. Sales = Fox: Cause they are sly. Finance = Crocodiles: Because they live along the river “banks”. Creative Director = bears: Idk, maybe because bears are cute and come in many varieties. IT = Wasps: Cause they hunt “bugs”. Intern = Kitten: Cause they young.”A third user commented, “intern and CEO are from the same family.” “I can’t seem to find the chameleons which changes color according to the situation,” jokily added fourth.  Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayPM Modi, Australian PM’s Lap Around Stadium Ahead Of 4th Test, Huge Cheer

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