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The FIFA World Cup 2022 concluded on Sunday, December 18, on a thrilling note. The high-octane match between Argentina and France was a delight for viewers, with excitement at every second. After a nail-biting thriller that lasted almost three hours, Lionel Messi-led Argentina took away the game in the penalties, winning by 4-2. This was an occasion to celebrate for Messi fans all over the world, as Argentina clinched the title after almost three decades. In Kolkata, football fever was at an all-time high and people were celebrating Argentina’s win in their own way. A tea stall owner in the city decided to give away free chai after Messi’s iconic win in the football world cup. Take a look at the tweet here:Why would a Bengali tea stall owner declare free tea for Argentina? Because she can. Football is heartbreak and the purest of loves. (Image courtesy Sahebul Haque/Subhankar)— Swati Moitra (@swatiatrest) December 17, 2022(Also Read: FIFA World Cup 2022: Amul Celebrates Argentina’s Win With Lionel Messi Topical)The picture was originally taken by Sahebul Haque (Subhankar) and was reshared on Twitter by user Swati Moitra. In the click, we could see a tea stall owner in Kolkata smilingly serving tea to her customers. In front of her, there was a board that declared, “Aaj cha free for Argentina. By Kalu di.” The adorable click won hearts on the internet and soon started to grab eyeballs on the micro-blogging platform. “Why would a Bengali tea stall owner declare free tea for Argentina? Because she can. Football is heartbreak and the purest of loves,” wrote the Twitter user in the post.Since the time it was shared, the tweet has garnered over 2k likes and hundreds of retweets and comments. The connection between football and Kolkata seemed to have a history behind it. “Love for football knows no bounds,” said one user. “Celebrating in spirit with this lady and millions of Messi fans in India,” wrote another one. A few others wrote, “Football means emotions! Hats off to all brothers and sisters of Bengal to keep the momentum alive.”Take a look at some of the best reactions here:One thing for sure. Her ‘cha’ must be outstanding. Also the namkeen stuff in the foreground ❤️— Vijay Lokapally 🇮🇳 (@vijaylokapally) December 18, 2022Bengali from other side of the border can relate to this emotion. 🇧🇩🇧🇩— Hakuna Matata (@PeaceLily_2004) December 18, 2022wow Bengalis call it cha too!Bengalis 🤝🏽 Punjabi— karanveer 🍂 (@severedkite) December 18, 2022It’s all abt passion and love. Just amazing— Sunbird (@sagarika2308) December 18, 2022Please tag Messi… She deserves his attention :-)— Ravi C (@RaviC72227774) December 19, 2022What did you think of the Kolkata tea stall owner offering free chai? Tell us in the comments.Featured Video Of The Day”If Not A Chef, I Would Be Sad”: Chef Gary Mehigan’s Most Candid Interview YetAbout Aditi AhujaAditi loves talking to and meeting like-minded foodies (especially the kind who like veg momos). Plus points if you get her bad jokes and sitcom references, or if you recommend a new place to eat at.

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