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LONDON—During testimony Thursday in his libel case against a U.K. newspaper group, Johnny Depp reportedly interrupted court proceedings when he ducked behind the witness stand and suddenly popped up behind the bench in judge’s robes and a powdered wig, banging an oversized gavel. “Hear ye, hear ye, I doth find the defense most guilty!” the 57-year-old actor said as he stepped lightly toward the defendant’s table, reclined atop it in a leisurely manner, and exclaimed, “I object!”—and then reappeared in the judge’s seat to shout “Overruled!” while once more banging his gavel, which made a loud honking sound. “Oyez, oyez! As the marvelous magistrate of this Royal Court of Justice, it is my duty to indubitably, indisputably declare there be no more preposterous nonsense in this trial most important, most splendiferous, most fantabulous and flim-flammibous! You there! To the towers with ye! Clap him in irons and throw away the key!” At press time, sources confirmed Depp had somehow twirled himself into a black-and-white-striped prisoner costume just moments after being found in contempt of court.

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