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Indian Cooking Tips: 5 Ways To Make Bathua Paratha Healthier 1
Breakfast during the winter is all about decadence. Hot and flavourful aloo paratha, paneer paratha, gobhi paratha and more, with a dollop of makkhan (butter) melting on the top – the very thought makes us salivate. Paratha makes for a classic breakfast choice throughout the year, but it gets a special mention on our menu during this time of the year. Wonder why? It is due to the yummy seasonal vegetables. Gajar, mooli, gobhi, methi and other seasonal vegetables that are available in spades make for some mouth-watering parathas during the winter. While we get a pool of options to try from, here, we will introduce you to a yummy green paratha made with bathua leaves.Why Is Bathua Paratha Popular During Winters? | How To Make Bathua Paratha?:Bathua greens (also known as lamb’s quarters in English) are available in India during the winter season. Hence, we try to make the most of it by incorporating leafy green into our diet. Besides the culinary versatility, bathua is known for its high nutritive value as well. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more which help boost immunity and nourish us from within. Inevitably, these factors make bathua paratha a popular choice for all.To make bathua paratha, you need bathua leaves, potato, oil, maida, and some basic spices. You need to prepare the filling, stuff it in paratha dough, roll it out and cook it in desi ghee. Sounds delicious; isn’t it? But let’s agree, all these oils, maida and potato reduce the health quotient in the dish. Here, we bring a few quick tips that will help you make bathua paratha yet healthier.Also Read: Weight Loss: How To Make Bathua RaitaPhoto Credit: iStockIs Bathua Paratha Good For Weight Loss? | Here’re 5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bathua Paratha Healthier?:Bathua is low in calories and high in fibre, making it a perfect vegetable to add to your weight loss diet. Besides, due to the high fibre content, bathua makes a popular choice for people with diabetes. Now let’s find out how to make the paratha healthier.1. Make Healthy Dough:The base of the paratha helps make a huge difference in the nutritional value of a dish. Here, replace maida with multigrain atta and add dahi while kneading the dough. It not only makes the dough softer but also includes a good amount of probiotics in it.2. Prepare Healthy Stuffing:While bathua makes for a super healthy option, adding potato or oil to it might affect it negatively. So, chop the bathua, boil them and add them directly to the atta and knead together, with masalas of your choice.3. Use Desi Ghee:Traditionally, we cook the paratha in oil and then apply ghee (or makhhan) on top. Here, we say, add a dollop of ghee while kneading the paratha and then, toast it on tawa, without added oil or ghee. This will not only include healthy fat in your diet but also make the paratha crispy and low in calories.4. Add Seeds In The Stuffing:You can add chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds etc to the stuffing or the dough to make add some more nutrients to your diet.5. Portion Control:As we always say, moderation is the key. It is very important to control your portion of meals to make your diet healthier. Both over-eating and eating inadequately affect our health negatively.Now that you have the tips handy, follow them every time you plan to prepare your favourite bathua paratha.Meanwhile, here’s the classic recipe for bathua paratha for you. Click here.Featured Video Of The DayBest Pakoda Recipes | Easy Recipes by NDTV Food

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