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The July 4 parade suspected shooter’s social media pages have been taken down.
Robert “Bobby” Crimo, who allegedly opened fire at a July 4 holiday parade in a Chicago suburb, had posted multiple songs and videos online which referred to mass shootings. At least six people were killed and dozens injured in Monday’s shooting. Here are five facts about the suspected shooter:The protagonist, in one of his animated videos, is seen opening fire at people before being shot dead by the police. “I just want to scream. Sometimes it feels like I’m living a dream,” the rapper, whose stage name was ‘Awake’, sings in the video.In another video, he is seen standing next to an American flag in a classroom, wearing a helmet and a bulletproof vest, and throwing bullets on the floor. “I need to leave now. I need to just do it. It is my destiny,” the voiceover says.”I hate when others get more attention than me on the internet,” he is heard saying in a video.YouTube and Spotify have removed his videos and songs, and his social media pages too have been taken down. Archived photos in his accounts, however, showed him at a rally of former US president Donald Trump.The 21-year-old arrested suspect was twice visited by the police – first in 2019 for a suspected suicide attempt. Crimo had even allegedly threatened to “kill everyone”, following which the police visited him the second time to remove a collection of knives.With inputs from AFP

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