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00:46 A measure of refugees’ welcome in Europe

With repeated humanitarian crises displacing millions of people, researchers have been considering how this might affect acceptance of refugees. Will some refugees be more welcome than others? Will continued movements erode support for refugees overall? To answer these questions, a huge study looks at the attitudes of 33,000 people from 15 European countries towards refugees. They find that overall support for refugees has slightly increased, although some characteristics, such as ability to speak the language of the country they’re settling in, are preferred. They hope this research will help policymakers to respond to stresses on the asylum system.

Research article: Bansak et al.

11:26 Research Highlights

The unusual feeding grounds of the pygmy right whale, and the JWST spots a possible quasar from the early Universe.

Research Highlight: An enigmatic little whale’s habits, from its own mouth

Research Highlight: JWST spots what could be a quasar from the early Universe

13:44 Briefing Chat

We discuss some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time, how designing shapes to roll down wiggly lines has implications for quantum physics, and a settlement for the family of Henrietta Lacks.

Research Article: Sobolev et al.

Video: These shapes roll in peculiar ways thanks to new mathematics

Nature News: How the ‘groundbreaking’ Henrietta Lacks settlement could change research

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