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Indians and their love for chai needs no introduction. Whether it’s early in the morning, evening or on a chilly winter night – sipping on a hot cup of kadak chai is a soul-soothing experience and defines comfort in the true sense. Don’t you agree? While we all have a soft corner for this beverage, the art to making the perfect cup of chai is something that requires skill. And everyone has different preferences about how they’d like their tea, some like it strong while others like it milky or sweet. However, there are some things that are common while making chai. Today, we bring you a list of some easy tips that’ll help you make that perfect cup of masala chai. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the tips:Also read: Chais Of India: 8 Different Types Of Chai From Across The CountryAlso read: Kashmiri Noon Chai, Mulethi Chai And More: 5 Chai Recipes That Will Elevate Your Chai ExperienceHere Are A Few Tips To Make Perfect Masala Chai:1.Use Whole SpicesUsing store-bought masala chai powder can be extremely tempting, however, it is best to use whole spices or homemade masala mix as this can make a huge difference to the taste of your chai.2.Use Good Quality Tea LeavesThe next thing to keep in mind while making chai is to use good quality tea leaves. Using loose tea leaves can enhance the flavour of your tea by several notches as compared to broken leaves or tea bags.3.Don’t Let The Tea Leaves Boil For Too LongMake sure not to leave tea leaves in the boiling water for too long. By doing so, your tea can become really bitter. Once you add them to water, lower the flame and allow them to simmer for some time before you add the milk and sugar. 4.Water To Milk RatioLastly, the ratio of milk and water in tea is crucial for taste. While this solely depends on personal preference, it is best to use 3/4 cup water and 1/2 cup milk. So, remember these tips the next time you plan to make chai.  Featured Video Of The DayCarrot And Strawberry Smoothie Recipe | How To Make Carrot And Strawberry Smoothie

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