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2024 is the Year of the Giantess, at least according to the fetish website Clips4Sale. A giantess fetish is exactly what it sounds like: a specific type of fetish or fantasy through which individuals are sexually aroused by the idea of giant women.

Some people get turned on by the idea of being dominated and/or humiliated by a giantess, and some even crave being stepped on. A woman 20x your size would be impossible not to submit to, which can be very exciting for some people.

Women with varying degrees of power have always been a point of fascination in our culture, and especially in private, where gender-based domination plays into a number of other kinks, from financial domination (findom) to the more traditional roles we now associate with tradwives. No matter what form the inclination toward domination or submission takes, it speaks to broader questions in our society about what and who women are, and what or who they should be. A giantess, whose power is represented in a dramatic and physical way, is a natural extension of that conversation. 

OK, but why is 2024 the year of the giantess?

Toward the end of 2022, a TikTok trend wherein camera angles were used to create the illusion that users were tiny and interacting with off-screen giants took off, garnering millions of views. Often the camera would eventually flip, revealing the much larger person with whom the faux tiny character was interacting. Suddenly, the masses were exposed to the idea of giants and giantesses, which have always had a solid fan base throughout forums, adult sites, and fetish communities. Unsurprisingly, the giantess fetish began dominating searches soon after the trend took over social media.

Despite it catapulting to more mainstream popularity recently, the fetish has been around for quite some time, with low-budget films featuring a giantess character going as far back as 1958. Subreddits with giantess related content alone have more than quadrupled in their size since 2020, coinciding, interestingly, with the rise of influencers like Andrew Tate, who preach about the importance of being an “alpha male.” As cultural discourse revolves around whether there is value in men being powerful and domineering, interest in the fairytale-like quality of the inherently powerful and domineering giantess has quietly increased, too. In this fantasy, men don’t face the societal pressure to be in control; they can submit to total powerlessness under an all-consuming woman. 

Powerful women exist well beyond the sexual realm, of course, but giantesses don’t, which is what makes this such a powerful fantasy. It’s impossible to actually recreate. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to incorporate the fetish into your sex life altogether, however. 

How to act out a giantess fetish

If you’re interested in the giantess fetish, sometimes referred to as macrophilia, it can feel a bit awkward to bring up to a partner at first, as any kink can. On Reddit and other forums, macrophiliacs have shared their fears—and successes—when it comes to expressing their desires to a partner, but as one user says, “There’s no ‘right time’ to tell your partner about your size kink… If you are not at a point in a relationship where you and your partner have the respect and established communication routes to sit down and openly discuss vulnerable topics with one another, you may want to hold off on this conversation. Don’t use this as a reason to not tell them, however. Look at this as a goal to work towards so you can discuss this with them when you are better established.” 

Before chatting with a partner, explore a little on your own. What is it that you really like about the idea of being with a giant woman? Is it feeling small? The idea that you could be squished if she chose and your life is in her hands (or under her feet)? Are you seeking comfort or domination? Explore forums and porn, figuring out what you like and don’t like. There are pros in the field, like Giantess Katelyn, who create content and write about the community. You may find that purchasing some custom content or reading a few blog posts is enough for you or you may want to keep going, bringing the fantasy into your physical sex life. In that case, Giantess Katelyn recommends easing into the subject when discussing kinks or sexual preferences overall, keeping the conversation open and straightforward. Try by bringing up other fetishes, maybe ones that are based around female dominance, and seeing how your partner responds before continuing.

Amanda, a sex and relationship coach known as “The Kink Consultant,” adds, “As with all kinks, I recommend doing some research… have conversations about consent and boundaries about what each person wants and doesn’t want.”

Here are some more important things to consider while having ongoing conversations (since all-at-once can be too much) about your macrophilia:

  1. Be specific: Get into detail about what exactly turns you on. No fetish is one-size-fits-all, so make sure you’re both on the same page.

  2. Don’t become defensive if they’re not immediately understanding or into it. People need time and space to come to terms with and understand things, especially if you’re asking them to take a role in something they haven’t considered doing before. Give them some time to come around and maybe even research on their own.

  3. Show them content you enjoy. If there are specific videos or images that get you going, share with them!

  4. Remember that this may likely be your fetish and yours alone. Your partner can be enthusiastic that you’re turned on, but they may never share the kink the exact same way you do. Each person’s kinks are their own and you can’t force anyone to be into anything, so don’t feel disappointed if they don’t develop their own insatiable need to be a giantess. Remember, too, that if your partner is comfortable engaging in this with you, you also need to engage in their proclivities with them, if you’re comfortable. 

Once you get all of the conversations out of the way, you can start really incorporating it into your sex life. It can be really fulfilling.

“In the last year I started trying with some of my partners and I didn’t regret it at all! Playing with large size clothes, perspective and roleplay is fun, and my partners really did enjoy seeing me more participative and excited in our sexy time,” says one Redditor.

Amanda expanded on this, saying, “In general, this fantasy can be realized through role play and some good camera angles! There’s a really wide range for what people fantasize about with a giantess fetish, so it’s important to know what you like and don’t like. For example, for some the fetish is about being stomped on, and for others it can be extremely exciting to imagine being trapped in a jar by a giant. Talk to your partner about what appeals to them about the fantasy. From here you can outline role plays together. Another fun way to engage is to record footage from a low angle to give the illusion that the person being recorded is a giant. Bringing these two things together—role play and recording—is a great way to fully play with the fantasy.”

Overall, the giantess fetish, while unique, can be exciting, even for newcomers. While it exists in the realm of fantasy, it can still be incorporated in real-life scenarios as long as you’re willing to be creative and open to it. The lust for female dominance is a fetish that exists in many different forms, some more intensely than others, so never be afraid to explore.

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