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How Mouni Roy Gave A Healthy Twist To Her Meal 1
We all know that the results of embracing clean eating habits can be amazing. Clean eating promotes overall health and well-being, and actress Mouni Roy seems to have understood this concept well. Why do we say this? While most of us are busy chomping on cheat meals and our favourite delicacies over the weekend, Mouni has made a healthy decision. The actress shared a picture of her latest indulgence and it looks delicious. The actress devoured a perfectly loaded bowl full of taste and nutrients. It featured chocolate syrup drizzled with nuts and seeds. She then topped it with sliced strawberries and blueberries. We could also spot blackberries in the mix. Without any text, she let the picture talk for itself.Also Read: Who Is Mouni Roy’s First Love – Take A Look InsideMost people enjoy such dishes for breakfast since it fuels the body with the much-needed dose of energy to kickstart the day. Do you also wish to include such healthy bowls in your diet?  Here are five delectable ways to prepare a healthy bowl for yourself:Here’re 5 Healthy Breakfast Bowl Recipes:1) Cranberry wellness bowl Do you have cranberries in the kitchen? Put them to some good use with this recipe. Cranberry wellness bowl is a beautiful combination of healthy food items like lettuce, corn kernels, and chickpeas tossed with dried cranberries. Find the recipe here.2) Berry smoothie bowl Now, this is how you can make a healthy bowl interesting and delicious. Take a range of berries including mulberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry, and blend them all with bananas, yogurt, oat milk, and dry fruits. For garnishing use sliced bananas, berries, chia seeds, granola and toasted almonds. Recipe here.  3) Cocoa and walnut pudding bowl This is one of those easy and healthy recipes that you can prepare in just ten minutes. Difficult to believe? Hear us out. This dish is a great way to indulge in the goodness of cocoa, and yogurt, along with chia seeds, strawberries and walnuts. If you have never had a healthy bowl like this before, maybe this recipe is a good way to start with. Click here for this recipe.     4) Chocolate acai bowl Now, this epic bowl is quite popular among celebrities as well. The chocolate acai bowl is a quick and easy breakfast option that also takes your tastebuds on a joy ride. Once you prepare this, don’t forget to garnish it with unsweetened coconut and honey. Find the recipe here.5) Fresh fruit muesli Trust us, fresh fruit muesli is all that you need to feel refreshed. It is filling, healthy and drool-worthy, of course. This is also a good option for all those days when you don’t have enough time to go for elaborate breakfast options. Recipe here.  Also Read: Mouni Roy’s Complete South Indian Meal On A Banana LeafDo you find these bowls appetising? After trying them out, don’t forget to share your feedback with us.Featured Video Of The DayCooking Beyond Boundaries: Chef Gaggan Anand In Conversation With Gargi Rawat

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