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We all have to leave behind our beloved pizza, fries, burgers, and whatnot when starting with weight loss. While controlling calories can be difficult, some of us find our way into a healthy lifestyle. Once we begin enjoying that lifestyle, then it becomes easier to adapt to different kinds of food. But sometimes, we all have those unhealthy cravings, and to satisfy that hunger, celebrity chef Saransh Goila has brought his own recipe of a no bun deliciously healthy burger! If you are wondering how can a burger be without the bun, then think again – because celebrity chef Saransh Goila is giving you this healthy twist of taste for your sudden cravings.Till now, celebrity chef Saransh Goila has given us many recipes to devour upon, from green dal makhani to egg pepper fry; his Instagram is full of recipes you would love to make. Among his recipes, the latest no bun burger surely has captured the interest of many.(Also Read: Kitchen Tips: Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila’s Amazing Hacks Will Keep Your Kitchen Counter Clean)How To Make ‘No Bun Burger’: Recipe By Celebrity Chef Saransh GoilaTo make this, you would require six pieces of lettuce, grilled paneer in a tandoori marinade, pickled onion, jalapenos and mint chutney. First, take three pieces of lettuce, pour some tandoori sauce over it, add your grilled paneer and top it with mint chutney, pickled onion and jalapeno. Then cover this again with three more lettuce leaves and enjoy the healthy no bun burger.Take a look at Chef Saransh Goila’s Instagram Reels for the recipe:With his recipe, Chef Goila wrote that no bun tandoori burger is a great source for high protein fat and low carb delight for days that you want to cheat but just can’t afford to. He also added that having carbs in the right quantity is not bad for your body, but this tandoori no bun burger is perfect to satisfy his cravings.(Also Read: Chef Saransh Goila Tells Us The Secret To Chopping Onions Without Crying)If this recipe has made you hungry, make your own no bun burger and let us know how you liked it!

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