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Hilarious Tweet About Punjabi Take On 'Cholesterol' Is Winning The Internet 1
Fast food or junk food is something we all absolutely love. From street-style tikkis to cheese-loaded burgers, there is so much delicious food out there that it becomes hard to choose! Sometimes, guilt strikes us when we enjoy our favourite food and think about how much fat or cholesterol is in them. But, do we still go on and eat it anyway? Of course! According to a recent hilarious tweet, the Punjabis have a different take on guilt-free eating and it is extremely relatable. The timeless and evergreen joke has been widely circulated across the internet and has become a hit online. Take a look:Punjabi people only see the first five letters of cholesterol— Meduvada Sambhar (@Hardiikrathod) December 25, 2022(Also Read: 5 Delicious Punjabi Recipes To Spruce Up Your Lunch Spread)”Punjabi people only see the first five letters of cholesterol,” read the tweet. Thus, the joke meant that those who are Punjabi see only the ‘chole’ bit in cholesterol! It struck a chord with foodies online who love various dishes that include chole in them, such as chole samosa, chole bhature and even chole kulche! The twist of adding it to the word ‘cholesterol’ actually made it even more funny and relatable.The tweet was shared by plenty of Twitter celebrities who were left in splits after reading it. “As a Bengali who’s lived in North India forever, that’s exactly how I read it too,” wrote one user. “Positivity is nothing, it just how to look things differently,” added another.Take a look at the funniest reactions:Hahahaha 😂— Ankur Mishra (@iAnkurMishra) December 27, 2022Haha. Punjabis and food— Dr Sarbjit Singh ਸਰਬਜੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ (@sarbjitbullepur) December 27, 2022Haha brilliant!👌— Ravi Kapoor (@RaviKapoor) December 27, 2022What’s the point of living if not for good food, clothes, culture, music? Imagine, living to be a 100, being vegan, wearing rages, and no good music! For me being a “Punjabi” is living life to the fullest!— Vilakshan Jakhu (@vjakhu) December 28, 2022Punjabi’s are the Top most foodies in the World undoubtedly.— Ajay Mehra (@aj_mehra53) December 27, 2022True indeed. Punjabis are very fond of “Chole-Bhature” with a glass of sweet Lassi. 😋— Azadar Hussain (@Azadar04) December 27, 2022(Also Read: 9 Punjabi Dinner Recipes That Will Be A Hit In Your Family)This is not the only tweet to have taken the internet by storm. Recently, a Google executive also shared a tweet about ‘the most precious’ food from India that he takes home every time. Wondering what it was? None other than the humble tea rusk.Click here to read more about this story. Featured Video Of The DayBest Pakoda Recipes | Easy Recipes by NDTV Food

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