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Happy New Year 2023: 5 Tips To Start Your Year With Organized Kitchen 1
It’s a new year; meaning, it’s time to make new resolutions and look for new opportunities to reset your life. How about starting it at home in your kitchen? This year, if you are planning to cook more, then you must have your kitchen well organised. That’s right. An organised kitchen not only helps save time (in the kitchen), but also motivates us more to cook more often. Fret not, setting up your kitchen is not rocket science; all you need is some pre-planning. And that’s exactly why we are here! We will take you through some quick tips that will help you organise the kitchen without any effort.Also Read: Kitchen Tips: 6 Underrated Kitchen Tools To Increase Your Efficiency Photo Credit: iStockHow To Organise The Kitchen | 5 Quick And Easy Tips For Kitchen Organisation:1. Get Rid Of Extra Elements:First and foremost, check all your tools, appliances, utensils and storage boxes. The ones that are worn out or not working well should be thrown out. It is important to make space for everything you need on a daily basis. A cluttered pantry can be really messy!2. Clear The Counters:After making space, now segregate the racks into sections – one for small appliances, one for large appliances, one for dishes and bowls and one for cups and mugs. Then on the spice rack, separate the dry ingredient jars from the liquid ones.3. Take Inventory Of Food:Now, make a note of the food ingredients you have and the ones you need. Accordingly, go to the nearby grocery store and buy the products. It is always advised to avoid stashing extra spices in your pantry.4. Label The Jars:Let’s agree, it gets tough to find the right spice (to add to the food) when you are in a hurry. So, we suggest, taking some time and labelling all the jars. This will help you avoid any kind of fuss while cooking.5. Create Waste Bin Space:While organising our kitchen, we often miss out on this important part. It is important to create a proper space to dump the trash. Make two different bins for dry waste and liquid waste and dispose of them on a regular basis. Always remember to maintain hygiene in the kitchen is of utmost importance!Now that you have these quick tips handy, we suggest following them and organising your kitchen like a pro.Have a happy and healthy New Year 2023, everyone!Featured Video Of The Day

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