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King cobra is the most venomous snake in the worldThe internet is full of bizarre incidents which take the internet by storm. Now, a hair-raising video has captured the astonishing sight of a man giving a ‘bath’ to a huge king cobra. The undated clip shows the man casually bathing his pet snake in his bathroom, without displaying any fear or discomfort.  The video was shared by a Twitter account called @Gulzar_sahab with a caption that says, ”Bathing the poor snake with water in this cold.” Watch the video here:इतने ठंड में बेचारे सांप को पानी से नहला रहा है 🥲🐍🙏— ज़िन्दगी गुलज़ार है ! (@Gulzar_sahab) December 2, 2022The 22-second video shows a man and a cobra in a bathroom where a man was pouring water over it with a mug from a bucket. At one point, the man even holds the deadly snake’s head, as he casually bathes it. At the end of the video, the cobra can even be seen trying to get a hold of the mug by itself. According to a report by Reptile Craze, snakes usually do not require to be soaked or given a wash. Since being posted on Friday, the video has gone viral on Twitter with over 24,000 views, 716 likes and dozens of stunned comments admiring the snake handler’s courage and lack of fear. Others were plain surprised to see the bizarre sight.  One user wrote, “Zindagi se vishwaas uth chuka hain iss admi ka (This man doesn’t care about his life”), while another user joked how that the snake doesn’t feel any cold.  A third commented that ”there is no dearth of mad people on this Earth.” King cobra, the most venomous snake in the world, is also the longest of all snakes. An adult king cobra can be 10 to 12 feet in length and weigh up to 20 pounds. According to National Geographic, they can literally “stand up” and look a full-grown person in the eye. The amount of neurotoxin they can deliver in a single bite is enough to kill 20 people. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayCome Out In Large Numbers In Gujarat Phase 2 Polling: Election Commission

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