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"Grow Up": Man Advises Person Who Threw 210 Bags of Dog Poop Near A school In UK 1
Tim Prater reacted to the unknown litterer on Facebook.In England, a councillor was made aware of a mess that an unidentified person had made. When he got there, he discovered that there was more than 210 bags worth of dog excrement, which allegedly were thrown by one person.Tim Prater, who is the chairperson of Sandgate Parish Council and also a councillor at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, wrote in a Facebook post that he found more than 200 bags filled with dog poop near a school next to a footpath.Sharing the details on Facebook, he wrote, “I was alerted on social media to a problem with dogs mess in bags by the footpath on Coolinge Lane near Sandgate Primary School. I went up there this morning to scope the problem and clear up what I could.””In a little over 30 minutes, I picked up (and have now removed and disposed of) 210 black bags of dog mess. I didn’t get everyone, certainly, but most of them, I hope,” he further wrote.Finding that the style of tying and the packet were the same, he said,” Same bags. Same tying. Without wishing to be too detailed, similar filling So one person has thoughtfully picked up after their dog and put it in a bag, then slung it over a fence. 210 times.”Addressing the unknown person, Mr. Prater said, “To that person: grow up. Take it bloody home. Almost everyone else does-what makes you special? And, for clarity, having picked up all your bags, they do not biodegrade.””Everyone, from the top to literally the bottom of the pile you had created, still had “structural integrity”. They would sit there for years. You are not doing half the right thing. Take. It. Home.”Mr. Prater said he will speak to Folkestone and Hythe District Council about getting some additional bins along the road, although a few already exist, as there are two schools nearby.Click for more trending news

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