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The holiday season is here and we are on a bingeing spree. Cookies, cakes, cocktails and more – we love indulging in them. Let’s agree, food is the centre of attraction for any celebration. That’s precisely why we have special dishes dedicated to every single festival/occasion across the year. While we totally believe in enjoying these delicacies to the fullest, the least we can do is keep up a healthy stomach throughout the season. Proper digestion and regular bowel movement are of utmost importance to keep enjoying a festive vibe. The key to a comfortable cleanse is to boost your digestive system, so that your body doesn’t go into a shock post-festivities.Also Read: Gut-Health: 5 Nutritionist-Approved Prebiotics Foods To Add To Your Grocery ListPhoto Credit: iStockWhy A Healthy Gut Is Important? | How Does Gut Health Affect The Body?As per health experts, our gut is connected to various bodily functions. Besides processing the food we consume, a healthy gut helps keep the body running smoothly. A healthy gut is about having more good bacteria than harmful ones in your gut. Research, published in the British Medical Journal, states that having a large variety of good bacteria in the gut may help reduce the risks of indigestion, constipation, acidity, inflammatory bowel disease and more. Moreover, it is also known to promote weight loss, boost immunity and manage diabetes.How To Promote Digestion And Aid Gut-Health:One of the easiest ways to improve your gut function is by making some minor changes in your lifestyle and diet. We found a quick tip that can be easily followed by all of us while making the most of the festive season.Celebrity nutritionist Lovneet Batra offers a super easy detox drink recipe that can easily be replicated at home and included in your daily diet. It is made with some common kitchen ingredients including ginger, cinnamon, honey etc.According to Lovneet Batra, this drink is “good for digestive health and can stimulate thermogenesis”. Besides, the drink is also good for immunity and overall nourishment, she explains.Lovneet Batra shared this information on her Instagram handle Find the post below.Also Read: Here’s The Surprising Link Between Your Gut And Immunity, And How To Keep Both HealthyGut-Healthy Drink Recipe | How To Make Ginger-Cinnamon Drink To Promote Digestion:Ingredients for cinnamon-ginger drink: What do you need to make cinnamon-ginger drink:To make the dink, we need one tbsp freshly grated ginger, 1 tsp lemon juice, half tsp honey and one-fourth tsp cinnamon powder.Method: How to make the ginger-cinnamon drink:All you need to do is boil water and add grated ginger to it. Strain it through a strainer, cool it a bit and add lemon juice. Finally, add some cinnamon powder and honey, and mix everything and take a sip. Enjoy it warm.Include this drink in your festive diet and enjoy good health throughout the holiday season. But always remember, moderation is the key.Featured Video Of The DayDry Fruit Cake Recipe | How To Make Dry Fruit Cake

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