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Gender Signs On Bathroom Doors At Jaipur Restaurant Confuses Internet 1
The social media users were confused by the signs.Have you ever been to a restaurant or a public place and got confused with the gender signs on the bathroom doors? Now, signs displayed on bathroom doors at a restaurant in Jaipur have started a chatter on the internet. A podcaster named Ravi Handa took to Twitter to share photographs of the signs, which showed very similar signs.The sign which had a slanted red line indicated a woman in a saree, and a sign with a straight line dropping from the waist indicated a man in a mundu. These signs were put up at a South Indian restaurant. In the caption, Mr Handa wrote, “Request to all restaurants – please start using English to indicate bathrooms. Stop relying on our fashion sense.”Check out the tweet here:Request to all restaurants – please start using English to indicate bathrooms.Stop relying on our fashion sense.— Ravi Handa (@ravihanda) March 3, 2023In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, “For the few who don’t get it, Left with a slanted line is indicating a saari, so female. Right with a straight line coming down from the waist is indicating a lungi/dhoti/mundu, so male. Restaurant is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.”The social media users were confused by the signs. A user commented, ” lost it when I saw Mars and Venus at a pub 6 years ago.”Another user wrote, “The most irritating trend! Especially after a drink or two it’s impossible to assess.”The third user wrote, “I do not see a problem with this. The fact that men and women have different dresses is common knowledge. The imagery is confusing, that is correct. Someone may mistake their assigned washrooms. But I do not mind the sari and lungi comparison.””It’s actually a very gender sensitive sign. Anyone who wear Saaree etc can enter regardless of biological sex,” the fourth user remarked.”Took me five minutes to identify,” the fifth user wrote.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayCrocodile Spotted On Road In Karnataka, Rescued

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