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Indian cuisine is as extensive as its culture. It comprises different foods and drinks that are rich, delicious and define the diversity of the country. Today, the cuisine has made it to the global list of gastronomy. You heard us. Indian cuisine has ranked fifth on the 2022 list of best cuisines in the world, released by Taste Atlas. The ranking is based on “audience votes for ingredients, dishes and beverages,” reads a statement on the official website of Taste Atlas. If you go through the report, you will find that biryani, dosa, ghee etc. have made it to the list of most popular foods in India. In the list of the drinks, you will find masala chai, South Indian filter coffee, lassi, Darjeeling tea, badam milk and more. Another such drink from the list that grabbed our attention is gajar ka doodh. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?What Is Gajar Ka Doodh? What Makes Gajar Ka Doodh A Popular Drink In India:Taste Atlas defines gajar ka doodh as a “sweet and fragrant Indian beverage that combines carrots, milk, nuts, and spices”. It is rich, creamy and makes for a perfect drink during winter. Wonder why? Let’s find it out.Also Read: Indian Cuisine Ranked Fifth In The Global List Of Best CuisinesPhoto Credit: iStockWhy Is Gajar Ka Doodh Popular During Winter | Benefits Of Gajar Ka Doodh:Winter brings along a range of fresh fruits and vegetables to indulge in – carrot being one such seasonal produce. It is crunchy, juicy and sweet and can be cooked into different yummy dishes. That’s not all, carrot comes with a range of health benefits as well.Here’re 5 Health Benefits Of Gajar Ka Doodh:1. Aids Weight Loss:Carrot is enriched with dietary fibre that takes the longest to digest. This promotes the feeling of fullness, further preventing you from binge eating. These factors help shed those extra kilos.2. Promotes Gut Health:The fibre in carrot also helps boost digestion. It also regulates smooth bowel movement, further preventing conditions like constipation and other gut-related issues.3. Boosts Skin Health:Carrot contains beta carotene, lutein and lycopene that can help promote healthy skin and nails. Besides, it also adds natural moisture to the skin, making it look supple and nourished.4. Promotes Eye Health:The beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene in carrot are also known to maintain good eyesight and night vision. It also has good amount of vitamin A that also helps boost healthy eyesight.5. Boosts Immunity:Carrot is a storehouse of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins B6 and K that help flush out toxins and prevent free radical damage in the body. These minerals also help guard the body against harmful bacteria and viruses, further boosting immune health.Carrot Milk Recipe | How To Prepare Gajar Ka Doodh:Gajar ka doodh follows two recipe variants. You can cook the grated carrot in milk and strain it; or you can prepare a carrot puree and mix it with boiled milk. Looking into the ingredients, one might confuse the drink with the classic gajar kheer. While we agree both the recipes include almost the same ingredients, but there are few basic differences in the process.Difference Between Gajar Ka Doodh And Gajar Kheer:Gajar kheer has a thick and creamy consistency that comes from the full cream milk used in the recipe. Whereas, for gajar ka doodh, you can use toned, double toned or skimmed milk of your choice.For making the kheer, you need to boil the milk and reduce it to half. The boiling time is less in gajar ka doodh recipe.If you prepare the drink using gajar puree, it will have a smoothie-like consistency. But if you prepare by straining the milk, then the drink is thin and runny, with flavours of carrot, nuts and spices. Gajar kheer, on the other hand, comes out like a thicker dessert.To make it yet easier, we bring the classic gajar ki kheer recipe for your reference. Click here for recipe.Step-By-Step Recipe Of Gajar Ka Doodh:Here, we bring a super easy gajar ka doodh recipe that is healthy, tasty and adds to the vibe of the season. If you want to avoid sugar (in the recipe), you can either eliminate it completely or replace with healthier alternatives like honey, jaggery, coconut sugar etc.Ingredients To Make Carrot Milk | What Do You Need To Make Gajar Ka Doodh:To make the drink, you need carrots, milk, cinnamon stick, cardamom, sugar, almonds and a few strands of saffron.Method To Make Carrot Milk | How To Make Gajar Ka Doodh:First, peel, chop and cook the carrots in pressure cooker till a little mushy. Then add the cooked carrots and chopped almonds in blender with a little water and make a puree.Now, heat milk a pan, add clove and cinnamon to it and bring to a boil. To it, add the carrot puree and stir for some time. In between, add saffron and sugar as well.Mix everything together and transfer the drink to a glass. Garnish with sliced almonds and saffron and serve. Click here for the detailed gajar ka doodh recipe.Try this popular Indian drink and enjoy the season to the fullest. And do let us know how you liked it.Click here for some popular gajar-based recipes for winter indulgence.Featured Video Of The DayMulled Wine Recipe | How To Make Mulled Wine

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