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The PlayStation 5 has only been out for four years and still has a lot of life in it, but Sony may be eyeing a mid-cycle refresh of the console in the form of a more powerful PS5 Pro. In fact, some rumors suggest we could see the new console as soon as this year, and that it will include some pretty hefty upgrades.

Of course, Sony has yet to officially confirm anything, or even admit it is working on a successor to the PS5. But based on the timing of the release of the PS4 Pro in November 2016, three years into the life of that machine, it seems likely Sony is also looking to iterate on its newest console.

Until we get official news, of course, at’s all rumor and speculation, but that can be fun too. Here’s everything there is to know (assuming there’s anything at all to know) about the PS5 Pro so far.

Potential specs for the PS5 Pro: Increased performance and 8K gaming

There isn’t much to go on when it comes to the PS5 Pro’s potential price and specs. However, recent rumors and possible leaks suggest the PS5 Pro will offer 33.5 teraflops of power. Yes, that is actually the name of the measurement, and that’s nearly three times the power as the PS5 today. 

Additionally, the scuttlebutt is that the GPU in the PS5 Pro will offer 45% higher rasterization performance, and that it could utilize AI upscaling in a method similar to Nvidia’s DLSS, which would result in smoother gameplay and optimization across even the most demanding titles (DLSS absolutely saved Star Citizen’s performance on PC, and it would be great to see similar functionality on the PS5 Pro).

The source of this newest leak, Inside Gaming, suggests that the PS5 Pro will also offer system memory speeds up to 28% faster than the base PS5 (an increase to 576 GB/s from the current 448 GB/s). The new system is also said to feature a “high CPU frequency mode” that will offer a 10% increase in performance over the existing console.

Further rumors hint that the PS5 Pro will be future-proofed to handle 8K gaming after a firmware update, and will be equipped with a custom machine-learning architecture

When will the PS5 Pro be released?

With the PS5 already in the latter half of its lifecycle, at least according to Sony’s financial results call in February, it makes sense for the PS5 Pro to release sooner rather than later. Speculation suggests that we could see a release of the beefier PlayStation 5 as early as fall of 2024. Like the PS4, which was superseded by a Pro model three years in, the base PS5 was released in the fall, so it seems sensible to assume Sony will likewise try to position the PS5 Pro as a must-have holiday gift. Analyst Colin Moriarty has revealed that publishers from third-party studios have already been briefed on the specs for a PS5 Pro, offering more support for an imminent release.

Of course, all of this is subject to change, as Sony has yet to offer up any official confirmation of or information about the PS5 Pro, though the rumors are definitely widespread enough to suggest it’s not entirely wishful thinking. Of course, there have also been rumors about a followup to the Nintendo Switch since before the Switch OLED dropped, so rumors and speculation don’t always play out like you might assume.

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