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Mr Keki said that one should always be truthful to oneself and their work.Many people share motivating posts on LinkedIn. In one such post, a user shared his encounter with a 92-year-old man at Starbucks. His wisdom and advice on leading life are inspiring many on the internet. Sanjay Mudnaney, the Founder of A Million Dreams Academy, said that the elderly man, who he named as Mr Keki, visits Starbucks every day and on one such day he shared his life lessons with him. He wrote, “I met a 92 year young gentleman at Starbucks. He takes an auto rickshaw to get to Starbucks and back to his home. He is frail, walks with a stick, but he always comes by himself, and orders his cup of coffee. This time I got into a conversation with him, as a storyteller, I love hearing stories.” He added that the old Parsi man’s “enthusiasm for life is infectious.”Sharing his pearls of wisdom, Mr Keki said that one should always be truthful to oneself and their work. He further told Mr Mudnaney, “What is due to you will come to you don’t fret about what does not, it is not meant for you.” The internet user said that Mr Keki has “never had hatred or said bad things about anyone, even for anyone who treated him badly.” He advises people to not carry any worries with them in order to live a long life. Concluding the post, Mr Mudnaney wrote, “He has no regrets, none at all, he has traveled the world, he has lived an honest life. And now I see him enjoying the small pleasures of life over a sip of coffee. Thank you Mr Keki for having shared your story with me , you are an inspiration of how life must be fully lived in joy .I walked out of Starbucks, with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.” Also Read: Bengaluru Airport Staff Helps Flyer Find His Lost Watch, He Shares Heartwarming PostThe post was shared yesterday and more than 18,000 users have reacted to it.One user wrote, “You meet some gems on the way and they just change your way you look at life!””Amazing story! Thank you Mr Keki for such sound advise:)” commented another user.”True human being,’ remarked a third user. Another user thanked Mr Keki for his inspiring story. He said, “Simple living in today’s world is GOLDEN living. Thanks to Keki uncle who still keeps sharing and aspires younger generation to go back to basics of living ones life to the fullest. Appreciate Sanjay Mudnaney for sharing your golden moments with Keki uncle.”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayVideo: Rahul Gandhi Blew Kisses As His Yatra Crossed BJP Office

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