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LastPass has issued a public service announcement to all of its users. The password manager, which has become quite popular for its ease of use, says that a fraudulent app pretending to be LastPass is now appearing in Apple’s App Store.

The application is called “LassPass Password Manager,” and it might appear when you look for the LastPass app in the App Store. The app is clearly copying the branding that LastPass uses, as well as the user interface that LastPass has become known for.

This isn’t simply an attempt to copy what LastPass is doing, however. The company also says that the posted screenshots of the app show distinct misspellings, which indicates that the app is fraudulent and attempting to scam LastPass users. It appears under the developer Parvati Patel, and notes that it is designed for iPad.

LastPass says that it is doing everything it can to ensure the application is removed.

At the time of writing, I was unable to find the app myself in the iOS App Store. Even if it’s been removed, however, users who downloaded the application before it was removed are still in danger. If this is you, uninstall it immediately to avoid any issues, and change any passwords that you may have stored or entered into it.

These kinds of apps can appear in the App Store when a developer manages to sneak past Apple or Google’s standard safety checks. Unfortunately, all you can do when you find an app like this is report it to Apple or Google so that it can be removed before too many people are affected.

It’s obviously concerning to see such an app make it through to the App Store’s public listings, and it helps highlight why you should always carefully vet the apps you are downloading onto your device before you install them.

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