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"Disgusting": Video Of Woman Spitting Into Beverage While Brewing Goes Viral 1
How much bizarre is too much bizarre?! Let’s just say there is no dearth of unusual content on social media. And, when it comes to food, the Internet never really fails to surprise or stun us. Recently, another clip was added to its wide collection of bizarre videos. Warning: it might disgust you to the core! The clip, shared on Instagram, features a woman brewing some sort of beverage in a big vessel. She picks a chunk from the vessel and puts it in her mouth. What next? After chewing it, she spits into the cooking pot and continues to stir it. “Eat Food Secret Recipe…Everyone should taste this delicacy,” the video was captioned, along with hashtags: “omg”, “dirty food”, and “disgusting but delicious.”Watch the video here:Also Read: US Woman Spits In Bag Of Chips And Reseals It, Prank Disgusts The InternetThe video, which has now gone viral clocking over 3.4 million views, has left the internet disgusted. While many were accusing the woman of starting “a new pandemic”, a bunch of Instagram users mentioned that she was making “alcoholic chicha, a traditional fermented drink from the Amazonian region of Ecuador.”Also Read: Man Spitting On Tandoori Roti While Making Them Riles Up InternetOne of them commented: “I think they’re making alcoholic chicha in South America and the spit serves as a fermentation starter.”Echoing a similar sentiment, another said, “It’s called chicha, a traditional fermented drink from the amazonian región of Ecuador. Yeah, looks bad but it’s worth It.”For the unversed, the process of fermentation is one of the oldest culinary techniques. It might apparently look stale or rotten, but the beauty of it is how the technique is used to create some of the most spectacular dishes of all times. Fermentation process often helps enhance the flavour, aroma and texture of a dish. Different countries have their unique fermented preparations, which the locals have mastered over the years. Chicha beer is one such instance,Also called Chicha de jora, it is a traditional corn beer, famous in Latin American countries like Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. The steps of preparing Chicha de jora includes germinating the corn, extracting the malt sugars, boiling the wort, and fermenting it in big clay vats. The drink itself is pale yellow in colour and has a slightly creamy or milky appearance. Its aftertaste can be slightly sour.If given a chance, would you want to try this dish? Do let us know in the comments below.Featured Video Of The DayCooking Beyond Boundaries: Chef Gaggan Anand In Conversation With Gargi Rawat

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