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Did You Know Parle-G Biscuits Are Available In New Flavours? Twitter Is Amused 1
In India, a pack of Parle-G biscuits is not just a snack, it is an emotion. Most of us have grown up eating this much-loved biscuit and it always evokes a sense of nostalgia. Over the years, we have seen them numerous times in our homes and supermarkets and they still remain our favourite! When paired with a steaming hot cup of chai, they define comfort in true sense. But did you know your beloved chai-time biscuit had other flavours too? Recently, a Twitter user shared a picture of a packet of Parle-G biscuits but it was not the usual one. Also read: Shocking! Old Bill On Internet Reveals What People Paid For Wheat In 1987A Twitter user named @hojevlo took to the micro-blogging platform to post a picture of the Parle-G pack. In the photo, we can see a packet that reads berries and oats instead of the usual one. “Guys, new Parle-G just dropped.” read the caption of the post. Well, it turns out that Parle-G released different flavours a few months back and they are available across the country. Take a look: guys new Parle G just dropped— jevliska (@hojevlo) January 2, 2023Ever since the photo was shared, it has garnered over 187.5K views, 3K likes and several comments. Netizens have expressed varied reactions in the comments section. While some people were eager to try out the new flavours, others preferred the original taste of the biscuit. Check out some of the reactions below: i was texting everyone about it and forgot it at the store after buying it 😭😭— jevliska (@hojevlo) January 2, 2023This and the Parle Kismi Dalchini, both are really good! Dalchini ParleG tastes great with chai.— X Æ A-12 Cov-19 (@k0ol1) January 2, 2023I miss the old parle-G with wonderful taste..They shifted that taste to GOLD version and now they shifted that original taste to Parle-G ROYALE.— ⚕️Altamash Khan (@altamashk528) January 3, 2023Parle G has lost my respect…now it’s just Parle for me🤣— sushegad_goan (@Kritin3006) January 2, 2023This is awesome…had this a few months back…but not yet widely available…try the kismi flavor also— Lady Arielle (@bombaykibaat) January 2, 2023What do you think of this post? Would you try out these new flavours? Do let us know in the comments below! Featured Video Of The Day

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