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Six thousand oxygen cylinders have been bought by the Delhi government (File)New Delhi: Delhi is preparing well to ensure to not get caught off-guard if a third wave of coronavirus hits the capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today in a presser where he also announced Unlock guidelines.Announcing steps to tackle the pandemic, Mr Kejriwal laid out his government’s plans.Here are some of Delhi’s major announcements to tackle the Covid crisis:Two committees have been constituted to track a possible third wave of Covid. ICU beds and medicine supplies are also being ramped up. “We are preparing for third wave of COVID-19 keeping in mind that 37,000 cases may be reported at its peak,” Mr Kejriwal said.Two genome tracking facilities will be started in Delhi to actively track strains of the virus entering the city.Oxygen infrastructure is being increased in the capital after its severe shortage in the second wave caused many deaths and left medical facilities crippled. Delhi is procuring 25 oxygen tankers as they did not have any of their own.A 420-tonne oxygen storage capacity is being created in Delhi to tackle another possible shortage. Delhi will also be setting up 64 oxygen plants which should be functional in around two months, the Chief Minister announced.Indraprastha Gas Limited will be producing 150-tonnes of oxygen for the capital.Six thousand oxygen cylinders have been bought by the Delhi government. They are also procuring oxygen concentrators.Provisions for children, who are feared to be affected in the third wave, are being made. A paediatric task force has been set up to decide the number of beds, ICU facilities for children.A panel of doctors will send out advisories on whether a medicine is advisable or not, and who it is really meant for. This advisory will be shared with people, and they will be urged to follow it. “If the advisory says a particular medicine is not meant for a particular case, it should not be used otherwise it gives rise to a severe shortage and all sorts of malpractices,” Mr Kejriwal said.

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